So, I'm a little suprised at the lack of Daedra Champion builds on the site, so I thought I'd attempt to change that a bit. Peryite isn't the most famous Daedric Prince... nor liked. Most people know him because of Spellbreaker. It's suprising difficult to make a build around him that isn't predictable. So, here's my attempt. I present to you the Champion of Peryite:

Conqueror of Corpus




 3E 200, First of Frostfall.

This is the date of my ‘Birth,’ though in reality I have been born a thousand times for I am a clone. My name is Diavon Fyr, attempet number 1,000, and the only successful attempt… so far. I have no doubt Master will surely conquer this new beast.

 It is obvious who my master is? The person I was cloned from. Yes, you are correct, Divayth Fyr is the man I am a clone of, though I am not the only one, there is also Alfe, Beyte, Delte, Uupse, my sisters… also clones.

 ‘Well, did they take a thousand tries to make?’ No. Well, I don’t believe so. I am special in a way, for I was created to be the exact copy of Master Divayth– in mind and body. Unfortunatly, Master Divayth is 4,000 years old, at that age it becomes impossible to transfer that amount of knowledge to a clone with out… shall we say ‘malfunctions.’ The reason I was successful was because Master Divayth gave me only half his power.

 For you see, constructing an entire being from scratch is an unfathomable task, one which task millennia of practice, mastery, and intellect to do– luckily, those are Master Divayth’s major features. But, he faced a probable– no soul could handle his knowledge, at least not all in one transfer sitting. Man souls broke when t much knowledge was transferred at once, eventually causing Master Divayth unimaginable frustration. So, he devised a plan, he would not just create a clone– but raise it. He created a child in his imagine, but with just a millionth of his knowledge. This child was me. He bestowed upon me the name of Diavon, and from now till death I would aid him in his research into the Corpus disease.

 I grew quickly, and I mean the quite literally, as after a year of my birth I was of adult age. This acceleration of the body also correlated with my mind, I was able to comprehend things a mage similar to my age would never comprehend. This all, of course, was the doing of Master Divayth.

 Despite constantly being in his laboratory, I never truly met the Nerevarine. I saw him, yes, but didn’t ‘meet’ him as the term implies. Master Divayth preferred I’d stay a secret.

 Around the 4E year 200, my knowledge reached a degree to which it could be somewhat comparable to Master Divayth– again, impossible to reach his level of knowledge, Master Divayth asked me question, ‘How would approach Corpus research?’ I pondred a bit– ‘Peryite.’ He is the Deadric Prince of Pestilence known to both cause and cure plagues, so why not Corpus. Intrigued by this, Master Divayth told I am free to look further research my theory.

4E near the end of the 200th year, I believe I am now prepared to talk to Peryite– to Skyrim. 

4E 201– Dragons. By Azura.

4E 201, It has been some time since I have written; I have been ‘practicing.’ I’ll be heading to the College of Winterhold, as a member of house Telvanni named Brelyna resides there; Master Divayth has informed me she could be of assistance.



 Race– Dunmer. 

  • Heavily fits in the roleplay aspects as you are a clone of Divayth Fyr ater all. The boost to Destruction is very  useful for elemental mage.

Stat Distribution– Magicka/ Health/ Stamina= 2/ 1/ 0

  • As a sorcerer, first priority would be Magicka then Health, no neeed for stamina. This build focuses on both Magicka and Magicka regen. 

Standing Stone– Lover, then change to the Apprentice once you get Spellbreaker, for the magicka regen and to give you a bit of weakness (can't be too overpowered) it will also force you to utilize Spellbreaker more often.

Class– Sorcerer. 




Skills & Perks



Destruction– You wouldn't be an Elemental mage without the elements now would you? You'll have complete control over all there elements in this build; this was the first time I've ever done this, quite fun.

Restoration– Resreaching for a cure will require you to know how to heal wounds, and cure other diseases (even the cure disease was removed...) as learning how other diseases spread and evolve may help in better understanding of the Corpus disease.

Enchanting– To increase the regeneration of magicka and decrease the cost of spells- within reason.

Heavy Armour– No sorcerer would be complete without his heavy armour, it's also a trait taken from Divayth Fyr.

Block– Since Peryite's artifact is Spellbreaker you'll need to become efficient with a shield.




You'll be able to get most of this equimpment at level 12, as you get the quest for Spellbreaker from The Afflicted at level 10, and from Kesh (the only priest of Peryite) at level 12, and a full set of Dwarven armour can be found Nchuand-Zel's Armoury behind a Expert locked door. I changed the Necklace and Ring mutiple times as my Enchanting got better. So, around level 12/13 you should be good to go.



Spellbreaker and the heavy armour can only protect you from so much, being ambushed is the bane of this build, especially by magic users.

You have access to all the elements of destruction at your disposle, use runes if you are worried you’re about to get ambushed and used the correct element on an opponent. I.E. Don’t use fire magic on Dark Elves and frost on Nords, and just go crazy when against Bretons.

Keep your eye Brelyna, she can be quite deadly and a good support, but she’s a glass cannon, so help your assistant out sometime.

But the the most important thing is to breathe. Slow and steady wins the race.

There are no specific quests for you to do other than the College of Winterhold– completeting it is up to you. I didn't as I'd imagine being an Archmage would take too much time from finding a cure to Corpus. I mainly delved into dwemer ruins– they've got to have something useful.



You are a clone of Divayth Fyr, one of the most powerful and respect mages that have ever graced the grounds of Tamriel– act like it. 

I don’t think Divayth would help Timba with her bear problem or fetch a bow for a farmer.

Though, you could visit the some Divine Temples to heal the sick.

And remember, you’re working with Peryite not against him. Play along with being his ‘champion.’

Lastly, do not enter Nordic Ruins– let the dead rest. 



Have fun!



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  • Very interesting approach to this character. I never would have expected that. A neat backstory indeed. You certainly achieved your goal of making a Peryite build that is not predictable. Glad your trying to bring about some Daedric Champions builds. Maybe you should talk to BlackBlood about that . . .

    • Will do! And thanks for the compliments.

  • Your builds have shown considerable improvement since you first starting posting. 

    • Thank you! Ya live and ya learn.

  • Interested in Daedric Champion builds? I'd say a collab with Blackblood, the resident Daedric worshipper could be very exciting.

  • Interesting build - don't forget about your tags!

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