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Contest Build: The Imperial Corsair

Welcome one and all to what will hopefully be the winning build. Today I present to you a character build whose damage potential is unrivaled among the entire roster of contest builds. This build was tested on Legendary difficulty and at its peak tor

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19 Replies · Reply by Curse Jul 10, 2019

Contest Build: The Dead Tide

Ancient tales tell of a mutinous first mate and the successful ousting of his captain, spurred by greed and petty spite. Ancient tales tell of a glorious treasure found on an isle that can only be found by those who already know where it is. Ancient

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11 Replies · Reply by Lee Jul 20, 2019

Contest Build: The Kraken-Born

The swashbuckling adventurer reaches into the burned remains of her adversary - Miraak.  But when she irresistably pulls the dead rebellious dragonborn's sword out, the worst occurs.  The laughter of Hermaus Mora echoes in her mind as tendrils from t

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Contest Build: The Pirate Queen

~ The Pirate Queen ~


The Pirate Queen was once an infamous scourge of the seas until the Imperial Navy finally caught up to her and her crew. The Imperials killed everyone and thought they killed the infamous queen. But they were wrong. Now, land lock

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13 Replies · Reply by Maezell Jul 22, 2019

Contest Build: The Cutthroat

Hey guys, welcome to my Contest Build for the Pirate Event. For a change, I wanted to stick to a cliche which surprisingly is hardly touched, as well as looting (and improving the chance to find more), gold in chests, urns, pockets etc. Instead of ju

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45 Replies · Reply by Lee Feb 29, 2020

Contest Build: The Angler

The tales of the infamous brigands and buccaneers of Tamriel all follow the same trend: A rise to infamy from the dark underground, a brief reign of theft and terror, followed by an unceremonious death. Be it the Red Bramman or Skorvild, the conseque

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