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Character Build: The Anesthesiologist


Anesthesiologists are the doctors in charge of monitoring patients during the application of anesthesia before surgery and they then monitor their vital signs during surgery. The application of the gas can be dangerous because if done wrong, the pati

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Event Build : Y'Golonac




Her mother died, they killed her yesterday…. This place had never been welcoming, but this night, it was worse. Above the usual bodily odors, the putrid smell of rotten flesh was floating around the girl. Instead of the disturbing yet familiar voice

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Event Build: The Path of Fire

Exile! The verdict you face for speaking up during the war council. Everyone must have thought the same as you, but none of the old cowards had dared to speak their mind! And now you are sent into exile - you, the Imperial prince, heir to the throne

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The All-Father

NOTE: This build was made with the intention of expanding on the Odin side of my Aesir build.



I came to this realm seeking knowledge.  Instead, I was imprisoned by the Empire inhabiting this land.  They seem to have mistaken me for some border-ho

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The Aesir

A build based on the Aesir gods from Norse paganism, this build will have multiple branches depending on which deity you choose to play, starting with Odin.  I will try to be brief.  All builds will be Nords.




I came to this realm seeking know

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Character Build: The Wyrm's Bane






"What a sunrise..." thought Taviah, as she woke up to the sound of chirping birds. As per usual when she'd stop in a village, she would offer to bring back plants and game to the local innkeeper, in exchange for a free, hot bowl of stew. She'd bee

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Character Build: The Snow Hunter

                            19th of Evening Star, 4E 195

The wind whipped through the tall ash-covered trees. Wolves howled at the full glory of Masser and its shadow. An arrow shoots through the darkness, embedding itself in the haunch of a stag;

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Event Build: The Hex Weaver



Foreword: This build has come about from my love for the Witcher games. For those who are unaware of what a Witcher is, they are alchemically enhanced warriors, who have undergone rigorous mutations and training to create the perfect monster slayer.

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Character Build: The Turncoat







Redwater Den, 16th of Last Seed, 4E201


"You know, I didn't come to this Gods-forsaken freezing wasteland out of choice, pal. It's just the only province left where guards won't shoot me on sight... Yet. Funny that I gave fifteen years of my life

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