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Character Build: The Poet-King




I have made an attempt to represent Nord culture as best I can in this build.  That said, I do not condone racism and always make an effort to keep my Nord characters, you know, not racist.  Because of this, I used the Conquest o

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Character Build: The Lawbringer

The Lawbringer 





In a province facing destruction, Justice can seem impossible to uphold. On the brink of economic collapse and in the midst of a Civil War, the Nords needed a hero. They found Tyr

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Character Build: The Valkyrie

The Valkyrie 


The price of admittance to Sovngarde is a glorious death. 

But what of those who fall outside of battle? Those too young or frail to fight, those taken by sickness or dishonourable means?

The Valkyrie holds a pact with the gods. She is tas

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The Manowarrior - Lord of Steel

The Manowarrior

Lord of Steel


''Warriors take the field, the battlefield of life. You cannot run, you cannot hide. I am the keeper of the laws, decided by the Gods. Only one of us will win, and return to fight again.  Our ancestors cheer from far beyon

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Character Build: The Veteran

I've noticed in all of my builds (not to mention almost everyone elses) that you generally stick with 1 melee fighting style (if any) - weapon and shield, dual wield, or two-handed. Inspired by that, this build brings you back to Oblivion and Morrowi

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Character Build: The Outcast Orc

This is my first build along with backstory. Also im on my mobile so forgive the spelling errors



When he was born, the Orc child was sick. Everyone was to let him die. Weak and sick, crying for attention as days pass, yet the little one would not die

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