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Set in 4E 201 Skyrim, In Love and War follows the story of Talia Maro, a young woman from Cyrodiil, who discovers the empire she swore fealty to is not as caring and honest as it seems to be. With Skyrim's Civil War heating up and the new threat of dragons on the horizon, the woman finds herself fighting her own mental battles between duty and morality. Talia must choose a side in this war: a choice that will have consequences for herself and all of Tamriel.



Chapter One- Helgen (Posted 10/5/17)

Chapter Two- General Tullius (Posted 11/16/17)

Chapter Three- The Presence of Kings (Posted 11/19/17)

Chapter Four- Mara's Eyes (Posted 12/1/17)

Chapter Five- Dragon's Tongue (Posted 12/4/17)

**NEW** Chapter Six- Working for the Legion (Posted 5/25/19)

**NEW** Chapter Seven- The Gray Quarter (Posted 5/25/19)

Chapter Eight- The King's Helm (Posted 12/8/17)

Chapter Nine- Bear Claw (Posted 12/13/17)

Chapter Ten- Rescue from Mistwatch (Posted 12/29/17)

Chapter Eleven- The Brotherhood (Posted 2/18/18)

Chapter Twelve- Surrender (Posted 2/18/18)

Chapter Thirteen- War on Two Fronts (Posted 5/25/19)

Chapter Fourteen- Snowhawk (Posted 5/28/19)

Chapter Fifteen- Retaliation from Solitude (Posted 5/28/19)

Chapter Sixteen- Krosis (Posted 9/2/19)

Chapter Seventeen- In Love and War (Posted 9/2/19)

Chapter Eighteen- The Final Battlefield (Posted 9/3/19)

Chapter Nineteen- Home (Posted 9/4/19)

Chapter Twenty- Closing Thoughts (Posted 9/4/19)



Hey y'all! This is my first public story I am posting to the site! I am EXTREMELY excited about this one and hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do. This story revolves strongly around TES V: Skyrim and the Civil War and Dark Brotherhood quest lines therein, but I have my own spin on things. I have tried to make the locations and characters as close to lore as possible, leaving a little room for imagination.

I love feedback. Feel free to like, ask questions, and talk to me following the chapters if you have any questions or critiques. I work on chapters every night after homework so I should post weekly or every other week. However, I will check for comments every chance I get!

In addition to posting the chapter and chapter content, I will post a list of music that I listened to when writing the chapter (most of the time I listen to the Skyrim Playlist on Pandora). If there is a specific song that should be played while reading, to give it more of a mood, I will underline it or post a link to the song. I like listening to tunes while writing and reading, so I hope some of you do too!

I would like to give a special thanks to my sister, who proofreads and edits my chapters so they are decent enough to post online. I would also like to thank my mother, who encouraged me to actually post the first chapter because I was too scared to do so without motivation. Finally, I want to thank the dedicated readers and those that provide feedback. I write to share a part of myself, so, for those of you that listen, it means the world to me!

EDIT: It's been awhile, yeah? I decided to leave the initial introduction but just leave a subcomment here. Life got in the way between chapters. 2 weeks turned into 2 months... now we're running up on two years since the initial start of In Love and War. For those of you still interested and supporting me, I am so thankful for you. I promise to give you the best ending I can to make it worth the wait!

Talos Guide You!



While some places, characters, and situations are adapted from Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the general plot and character developments are my own.

The events listed are in no way canon, but written with the intent of providing enjoyment to the audience.

The story may contain situations not suitable for younger readers. This includes language, violence, and some romantic elements. Please use discretion when reading.

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  • It’s finally released! Looking forward to these.
    • Hah. Sorry to keep you waiting. I actually finished the first chapter a few days ago but was reluctant to post.
  • The introduction alone has me enthralled. I'm quite envious of your writing skills.
    • Thank you! I have /A LOT/ of time by myself, so I spend much of my time writing. ^_^ I am actually ecstatic that someone is 'envious', but there's no need to be! I've seen your posts in other groups. You have a way with words yourself! ^_^
      • A build is one thing, but writing a full story is the pinnacle of word smithing.
  • Update: After a whole freaking month I finally posted Chapter Two... :( I've been dealing with some personal stuff recently guys, so I'm sorry for the late posting. I'm going to try to do better with the next chapter and work on it as much as possible. I love you all dearly for the positivity and again I'm sorry for the lateness of it! Thank you for reading!

    • Update: I posted Chapter Three!

  • Update: Posted Chapter Four! It's longer than the other chapters. ;-; Sorry about that guys.

  • Update: Posted Chapter Five. This chapter is shorter than the others because I ended up breaking Chapter Four in two (because I didn't want to force you to read 16 pages worth of story in one chapter). I'm working on Chapter Six currently, so don't let this one disappoint you too much. ;)

    • I still have to sit down and properly give this a read. I've been pretty busy and haven't been able to, but hopefully, I can soon. Sorry, Kendrix :(

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