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The Imperial Auditor - ToC


The trials and tribulations of an Imperial administrator taking his first steps outside of Cyrodiil, to Skyrim the land of dragons, rebels and draugr to complete a census of the population. This journey would never go according to plan, h

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The Imperial Auditor - Prologue

My name is Auguris Cedas, I am an auditor for the Imperial Treasury, this is an account of events that unfolded following my transfer from the administrative section in Chorrol.

12342161870?profile=RESIZE_400xI crossed the border into Skyrim on the 12th of Last Seed, 4E201, the Emp

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Desert Snow: Act Two

Desert Snow: Act Two


Runa woke to the soft shink of metal on metal, the smell of succulent meat being cooked gripped her nose and pulled her from her slumber. Happily relenting Runa allowed the enticing scent to drag her to her feet into a draugr-lik

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Desert Snow: Table of Contents



The civil war is a growing blight on the land of Skyrim. An open wound, festering on the horizon and gifting nothing but pain to those who's path it crosses. Yet sand worn feet dare to tred on blood soaked snow, and from this pain a glim

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Desert Snow: Act One


Hey guys, I used to be active on "Skyrim Blog" back in 2013 when I was 14. I did a couple mildly popular builds and had a writing series called "The Last Witch Hunter" (This was before that shitty Vin Diesel film of the same name came out).


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The Scroll Keeper - Chapter One

The Scroll Keeper




Chapter One: Scoundrels



The thunder of an angry mob outside her tower window awoke the Wood Elf from her deep sleep with a jolt. Lyra grumbled mournfully, rolling onto her back to stare at the ceiling while she allowed her thought

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The Scroll Keeper - A Skyrim Saga

The Scroll Keeper


A Skyrim Saga




4E 235



Today I remembered how it all began. 


“Some walk in the light. Others in the shadows. For those of us who are of the latter, our stories are seldom told of in song. 

My mother's exploits at the closing yea

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