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Come on in and don't be shy. Nobody here least I dont think they do anyway. Here is a space for new comers to introduce themselves and for the community to make our new comers feel welcome. 

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  • Hello everyone!! I introduce myself.
    I'm Manuel from Colombia, a big fan of role-playing games and especially the Elder Scrolls saga.I found this forum by chance looking for role types
    for my character, since it bores me to always be the same archer killer thief with heavy armor and fanatic alchemy hahaha.
    I simply hope to grow a lot in this community, giving my contributions and supporting as much as possible by participating in events and creating
    more characters of the many that I see here. Greetings to all.

    • Welcome Madmoon, glad you decided to join us. If you're looking to get away from playing the same build over and over again you've come to the right place. Give our character build archive a look when you get the chance. We have over 500 builds to choose from.

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      Welcome to The TES Character Build Archives! On this page all of the sites Elder Scrolls character builds can be navigated to quickly through our eve…
  • So hey folks,


    First post on the site after recently getting back into Skyrim via Skyrim SE on Xbox 1. I played back when it first came out on Xbox 360 and then again a few years later on my laptop, but I never really explored the lore and immersive side of elder scrolls.


    I picked up Skyrim again after I had a recent interest in illusionists (borderline obsession now) and I saw a playthrough guide of an entire playthrough of illusion spells alone. I was hesitant at first, since to me Illusions were built as more enchantments than actual the materialization of imagery and the like. But when I learned about the mods and such mods as Ordinator and Apocalypse, I immediately got hooked.


    I found this page shortly after watching a few "Let's Roleplay Skyrim" videos and now I want to dabble in whole immersive roleplay experience. I've had a hand at trying to make a few builds myself, but I keep scrapping them either because of ADHD (har har) or an inability to get immersed with my idea. So I'm joining you all after spending a while stalking you, in hopes of developmenting skills on character builds in both building and playing/RP them. A few ideas that I have:


    Aspirations for Madness - a Bard either from High Rock of Cyrodil ventures into Skyrim to study under the bardic college in Solitude. However, shortly after entering Skyrim, she discovers that her dreams have taken a darker turn and her restlessness has impaired her creativity. What's worse, the more she travels closer to Solitude, the worse and more life-like the nightmares get. She hears rumors of an entire town plagued by nightmares and decides to venture to Dawnstar in search of answers. Little does she know that she has become a pawn to the Daedric Prince of Dreams to be used against Hermaerus Mora.


    This is meant to be an evil campaign that really spirals down after she acquires the Skull of Corruption. It's inspired by Hastur the King in Yellow and will play heavily on Illusion, Sneak, and Pickpocketing (Death Emperor's Coin).


    Spinner of Valenwood - Backstory WIP but essentially an illusion/ alteration specialist who uses the art of Green-Singing to ensnare others in the stories she weaves. Will rely on Andromeda's Ritual Stone for the "spirits," Pale Shadow, Evil's Twin, and other such imagary spells and powers. I find this one particularly difficult to immerse into.


    Anyways, that's me and mine! Happy to meet you all

    • The first step to a great build is a great idea and you have easily among the most creative concepts I’ve ever read. I think you’re going to do great at character building. 

      Take your time to explore the site, especially our Skyrim character building group. We have hundreds of member submitted builds from which to draw inspiration. Don’t hesitate to post any questions you might have on the builds.

      You might even be interested in our vampire/werewolf themed character build contest going on right now. Link to the contest details can be found on the front page. 

      Welcome again to the SkyForge and best of luck with your builds. 

    • Thanks Curse, I appreciate that. My biggest obstacle is not having a computer to format the build on the site yet, bu the idea is still stewing. I am actually thinking of merging the two.

      The young Bosmer and Spinner Apprentice has been receiving visions as of late regarding a prophecy that could very well change the future of man and mer at the Throat of the World. She had spoke of her visions among her peers but given her youth and inexperience, they questioned the accuracy of her tale, chalking it up either as a misunderstanding or perhaps an accurate prophecy but for a different era. After all, with something so urgent as that, why had they not all been given Y'ffre's tale to spin?


      Eventually the visions, which now surface as nightmares, have been getting more vivid with time but also now speak of an ancient and powerful staff surrounded by slumbering bodies in which possesses the power to put a stop this looming threat. It was implied that once more, only she had seen these visions and so she had assumed that Y'ffre has spun her fate into the prophecy and that it is now her mission to not only live it in order to record its events, but also to potentially change its course. Upon acquiring the staff, Vaermina will pose as a feminine avatar of Y'ffre and use her faith to start guiding the spinner to do tasks for her, which places her in the position of Dragonborn in an effort to bring her nemesis, Hermaeus Mora's, champion to the surface.


      Playstyle will be predominantly support with focus on illusion, speech, alteration, conjuration, and restoration. She'd only use a bow to hunt game, is a green pact supporter, and weaves illusions via apocalypse to blend stories into reality. Id also geg andromeda's ritual stone to add more illusory/ spiritual pawns to the tale

  • Hey guys, My name is Peter, Buzz to my friends. I Have been playing Elderscrolls for about 6 years, I play as oftern as i can, but not as much as i would like to, i have played with many different builds, i like to try different things, i prefer the archer bulids to the swords and maces. i have been searching everywhere for a Little John type build with no magic but just a 2 handed wooden staff, i would really like to give this a go. i have done many builds from Tamriel Vault. i have loads of good ideas but actually getting them built is a different story. 

  • Hello members of The Sky Forge!

    My name is Powersocke Prime. I originally hail from the Warframe Fandom Wiki community but at some point ran over to the Elder Scrolls Fandom wiki community. There, I am best known for the many fanfiction I have created for the Elder Scrolls.

    At length, reception was so positive that a fellow Wiki an urged me to contact the Tel Mora Independent Press to see if my stories are worth their time. Long story short, I joined the Tel Mora Independent Press official Discord server and a friendly member recommended to me to create an account here on The Sky Forge in order to spread the word about my TES fanfiction.

    I also publish my stories on DeviantArt under the name 'Graumacht' where TES unrelated side projects can also be found.

    Aside from that, all of my stories can also be viewed on under the name 'Powersocke Prime'. However, I've decided to create yet another media outlet on your website to make my craft more widely accessible and to receive more feedback from different communities.

    As for me personally, I do write a lot in my free time. When I don't write, I tend to read. H. P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe and August Derleth are the authors I'm currently concerning myself with.

    I do hope you and I will get along nicely. And maybe some of you are interested in my stories!

    - Prime

    • I think you’re gonna get along great here. TES writing is super popular here.

  • Awesome!

    Thankfully I have an assortment of stories ready for publishing for all of you to view. 

    By the way, I'm also an expert on Dwemer language and most TES alphabets. On a more unrelated note, I can fluently read and write the Orokin script from Warframe.

  • Hello there, I'm pjst.  I found this place while looking up whether it was possible to play vampires in Skyrim that aren't evil.  And shout out to Ponty ( for his Nightguard build being the first link to this place I found.

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