The Welcome Thread

Come on in and don't be shy. Nobody here least I dont think they do anyway. Here is a space for new comers to introduce themselves and for the community to make our new comers feel welcome. 

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  • Hi! I'm Pixel_exe (I don't remember why or how I came up with it but it's also my Steam name). I really like playing Skyrim and Fallout: New Vegas (and Fallout 3, but mostly through TTW). I'm Canadian. I keep meaning to make actual coherent builds but I get distracted, or I see a new build and decide to do that instead, or I just... forget to play for months on end. Hopefully, I'll manage to put together a build at some point or another. Restartitis gang :(

    • Ah yes, a brother who is also afflicted with one of Peryite's cruelest plagues...

  • Probably late to this still learning the website, therefore I apologize, For all those that haven't seen me in here or on discord, The name is Frans, I have been a LONG time lurker here, I recently made an account and posted wanna of my very first builds here. I wanna bring out the best in myself as a builder. I also wanna work towards the Rank Master and have a well know reputation here on the Forge. BUT anyway I'm 26, Happily married, and a father of 4 fur babies, always looking to make new friends, and talk over new ideas. if there is anything I can help with please don't be scared to ask.

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