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Character Build Showcase: The Ice Demon

Hey everyone, welcome to another Character Build Showcase. 

After turning up the heat with Ponty’s Mabigrash, I decided to cool off the week with a Build that truly deserves to be seen. Tae-Rai’s The Ice Demon!


They were finally here; they had finally found the grave of the Kamal King. Buried in a tiny grave deep in the mountains of Eastmarch, this Akaviri warlord had sacked Windhelm before attempting to take Mournhold in Morrowind. He had been slain by a Dunmer legion, assisted by Argonian Battlemages, and his remains were brought back here to be guarded by the Nords and to ward off any Kamal that dared to return.

Keeping it simple, while creating both an outstanding aesthetic and skill set, Tae-Rai recreates a warlord back for vengeance - even if it kills him. Even going to the point of using his enemies corpses to fight alongside him, none can escape the chilling rage of Ada’Soom Dir-Kamal.

The Roleplay section is fairly broad as not much is known about this dreaded warlord. However, Tae-Rai has made a ‘quest’ once you’ve completed your play through. As they say, vengeance is a dish best served cold...

The Second Sacking of Windhelm

That wraps up this week’s Character Build Showcase. Keep an eye out for next week’s - it can be from any of our Character Building Groups, From Fallout to Skyrim and even the Classics. 

Who knows, it might be your build on the front page of the Sky Forge.

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Hey everyone, welcome to the final Character Build Showcase for 2019! Last time, I covered Pale Mane by Marin the Fox, from our very own Skyrim CB Group. 

Today, I wanted to shed light on an Event that was hosted roughly this time last year. The Sky Forge’s Secret Santa, where members would submit ideas for a build around the holiday theme and whoever was chosen from said submitters would create that build.

A certain Build from said Event truly captures not only Christmas but New Years and onwards. Created by Pixel, called the Ghost of New Life, which also has a backstory from our Story Corner.


Even in death, a second chance is never impossible. Some call him the Ghost of the New Life Festival, for he is seen often in the snowy months at the end of the year when all of Tamriel celebrates the coming new year. Though a horrid miser and humbug in life, in death he was redeemed. 

Focusing around Enai’s mods (as well as others) Pixel created a Build who not only has multiple play styles but different stages and seamlessly incorporates it all together. As well as the Roleplay which evolves with every ‘stage’, and still using those RP points in later stages so to speak. 

Ghost of New Life is unique build who changes with each stage, both Gameplay wise (Healer/Supporter -> Damage -> Illusionist/Assassin) who uses tactics from past stages and Roleplay wise. Definitely check it out guys! 

His soul, restless on Tamriel after his passing, sought a path to Aetherius. And now, his Ghost wanders the face of Tamriel to bring retribution to those who act with selfishness and greed in the hope of earning his place in the heavens, and prevent others from facing the same consequences.

Well, we’ve come a long way, don’t you think? Stay tuned for 2020 for goodies such as more Showcases, Contests and much more.

Happy holidays, everyone! 

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Character Build Showcase: The Pale Mane

Hey everyone, welcome to another Character Build Showcase. Last time, I covered Long ChapperLovelorn Dragonborn’, from our very on Skyrim CB Group. This time, however, I want to focus on a ‘first time’ Build by our very own, called the Pale Mane by Marin the Fox.


These humans think themselves so superior to this one, no? This one yearns for the chance to show them the face of their arrogance, the face of the Pale Mane. They will learn.

I genuinely can not recommend the Pale Mane enough. Marin delivers a truly unique rogue-like character experience, with a multitude of options for deities to worship throughout different points in the game. But what truly sets the Pale Mane apart is the complete lack of investment into any direct damage skill trees. Marin takes a more creative route with Alchemy providing the build the means to effectively dispatch foes, along side a multitude of additional tactics to include explosive skooma bottles provided by the Wintersun mod. 

Kynareth guides this one. Mephala watches this one. Baan Dar instructs this one. Sithis hides this one. We are shadow incarnate, and if we set our sights upon you, there is no escape from our cold embrace.

Keep an eye out for next week’s, Character Build Showcase. It could come from the Skyrim Character Build Group, maybe the Fallout or Classics Group or even the Misc. Gaming.

Till next time, guys! 

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Character Build Showcase: The Lovelorn Dragonborn

Hey everyone, welcome to another Character Build Showcase. Last time, I covered Paraxedes ’The Phoenix’. This time, however, I want to focus on a particular Build by our very own Long Chapper, called the Lovelorn Dragonborn.


This one saw him from a distance, across the tundra that blossomed in rolling clouds of white cotton tufts and lavender stalks, and all the troubles of the past day flew from the mind like a comet flies through the jeweled twin-mooned sky.  Like wisps from the moon sugar pipe catching the breeze from the caravan tents. The shackles, the cart ride, the black, winged beast that made this one wish desperately to crawl back inside mother's womb and hide forever. He was like a god of bronze to this humble Khajiit, beautiful and proud, black hair with eyes of starlit silver. His armor shone in the waning light of Magrus and a great sword of unspeakable size and strength was surely held in his hand…

Without a doubt in my mind, I can’t recommend the Lovelorn Dragonborn enough. Long Chapper gives us two ‘paths’, a beautiful yet simple RP focusing on the Bronze God while keeping it at just Level 5! Don’t forget the tongue-in-cheek comments from ‘Mr Buttons’ as well as a few other goodies.

Keep an eye out for next week’s, Character Build Showcase. It could come from the Skyrim Character Build Group, maybe the Fallout or Classics Group or even the Misc. Gaming.

Till next time!

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Character Build Showcase; The Phoenix


Hey everyone, welcome to another Character Build Showcase. Last week, Chris covered RajunCajun’s John Wick, from the Fallout Group. This week, I’ve decided to focus on the Skyrim Character Build Group, focusing on Paraxede’s The Phoenix. Here’s an excerpt to show you what it’s about;

It is been a long time now that i wished to publish this build. The idea to have a character built around the theme of the Phoenix was appealing for 3 years after i discovered the Forgotten Magic Redone mod. The ability "Phoenix Strike" was amazing and it took me a minute to think about some kind of mythical elite elven warrior (elven armors and helmets use Eagle as symbol which is linked to Auri-El and Summerset Isles sigils), charging into the fury of battle with a greatsword and fire spells.

I highly encourage you to check it out Paraxedes delivers a great backstory involving the Thalmor but with a nice change as well as keeping the spellsword concept in mind, even creating some brilliant RP and Gameplay synergy with Ordinator.

Keep an eye out for next week's Character Build Showcase. It could come from the Skyrim Character Build Group, maybe the Fallout or Classics Group or even the Misc. Gaming.

Till next time!

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