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So what's the deal about dem names?

Through this discussion I wanna ask you two questions:1. Why the name? What's the story or reason behind your username?2. Some people here (myself included) are 'name-sensitive'. For example, I don't like to be called Tesla (Tesla Cannon or just Cannon are highly preferable). Are you name-sensitive? How do you not like to be called? Why?(looking at you Curse and Lukenfish)

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  • My name originally comes from the Furyon race from the Riddick movies. Was one of my favorite Sci fi's as a young kid. First started using it when I was like 11. It wasn't until I had the name for a few years that I realized "Furrion" was the wrong way to spell it. But by then spelling it that way had just stuck for me, so I just kept using it. The 17 I dunno why I use that just always have. So chances are if you'v seen another Furrion 17 around the net or on xbox it'll be me.

  • While, PixelArrowProductions is my YouTube channel so I've shortened it to Pixel. That's what most people call me, so I've just used that as my username. I guess I wouldn't exactly have a problem with someone calling me "Arrow" or something but nobody does so I just use Pixel.

  • 1. Because it's a meme of sorts and I want to reclaim the Holy Land.

    2. The story is I like the memes and Crusader look cool af to me there is just something about them that is interesting. I use it since it's my youtube id (no vids soz) 

  • 1. "The White Guar" is honestly pretty straightforward. When I started in the lore community, it seemed to me that anyone who was anyone had a Facebook Page where they shared memes and discussed the lore. I simply found a figure in TES that wasn't represented by such a page, and went for it. As a result, The White Guar has been the moniker I use everywhere, and it's something I just sort of adopted.

    2. I have no preference, honestly. People can call me by my real name (Andrew) or they can call me Guar, or whatever else. I generally don't mind.

  • Wow. I have never seen this post until now. Okay, let's do it!

    1. My name has 2 parts. Kendrix is a play on my real name but super freaking cool. I heard it once when watching old Power Rangers and I fell in love with it. Since then, I've wanted to change my name. It hasn't stuck outside the screen though, so it will forever be a username. As for Trixie, she was the name of my first ever Roleplaying character. She's held a special place in my heart since her creation. A lot of people on the Facebook RP communities knew me as "Trixie" too, so I figured I'd keep both names so everyone would recognize me.

    2. I am not super name sensitive. "Kendrix, Trixie, Kendrix Trixie" I don't care. So long as I know you're talking about me. I had someone hall me Hendrix one time, and I still went for it.

  • 1. I'm awful at choosing names- in both that I can't come up with any, and am super picky when I do. At some point I gave up trying and just decided to combine two nicknames I had when I was younger, JJ and Jam.

    2. I'm not really name-sensitive. Most people call me Jam because it's easier, and because it's a shortened version of my actual name (Jamie).

  • Back in elementary school, I used to draw on all of my classwork in the margins (I still do, really). And I would frequently draw an armored knight on horseback, but I hated the way my horses looked, so soon I started drawing him on increasingly unlikely steeds. Giraffes, dolphins, pterodactyls, you name it.

    Eventually, one of my friends saw some of my drawings, saw that this knight came up in a lot of different places, and asked me if I had a name for him. On the spot, I came up with "Sir Floopy, Master of All Steeds".

    As I grew up and the internet became more than something adults used for boring business, I got into a few online games. When I had the chance to name my characters, I would again go for "Sir Floopy". And I've never bothered to change it. It's unique, it's absurd, and I have literally never tried to use it and seen "This username is already taken".

  • The story to my name is kind of curious, the detrimental details of which in respect to my reasoning way back when have been lost to time.

    When I was 14 in 2008, I received, for the first time ever, a computer with internet access. Back then I was avidly playing Gothic and Gothic II. Soon enough I would stumble upon the mention of mods which eventually led me to a German forum network wherein was a community for the Gothic games. And that's where my original name, Powersocke, first came into existence.

    But why 'Powersocke' of all things? You see, in my infantile mind, at the age of 14, it made sense. I remember that I used to own a few pairs of socks back then ('Socke' being the German word for 'sock') that were about twice the length of my feet. So long, in fact, that, more often than not, they would slide down my legs and their tip would extend long past my toes on the ground. So before I joined the community in question, I named myself after these socks. Now, 'Longsocke' would have possibly been more explainable. But for some reason, I added to the socks the attribute of 'power'. And thus, 'Powersocke' was born.

    Now, I am carrying this name with me ever since I was 14, 11 years. The 'Prime' addition to my name is fairly recent. It stems from my favourite video game of all time - Warframe. In Warframe, everything that is designated as 'Prime' is a better version of something that already exists. Primed items usually look awesome, luxurious with golden accents and a marbly-white overall appearance as well as pale blue lights of energy. These items are usually better in stats and in looks than their regular counterparts. In the game's lore, Prime items are items crafted by the Orokin Empire, an empire of superior craftsmanship and highly sophisticated technology. 

    And since I absolutely love the Orokin design philosophy (and their script), I adopted the 'Prime', adding it to my long lasting name.

    I'm not really name sensitive, but I hate it when people call me 'Power Socket'.

  • It's Curse's real name and I'm trying to dox him, but now everyone just calls me Matt.

    • My name is Matt? Wow that’s news to me.

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