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  • Imperial, with Nord and Redguard being a tie for close second.

    I could never connect with Mer, Khajiit, or Argonians very well, just because I find it hard to get into a non-human mindset. But Imperials, Redguards, and Nords all have good stats for melee, and they all share the trait of being humans in a hostile fantasy universe, which means I get to play the underdog character. Imperials slightly edge out the other two just because they make up the bulk of the "poor bloody infantry" of TES, so they get additional underdog points from me. Plus Imperial heavy armor, especially with the closed Corinthian-style helmet, looks cooler than Stormcloak/guard armor, or Alik'r equipment.

  • For me it's gotta be Breton! I don't know much about the lore behind them but do know they're the only (I think?) Half mer- half man race and they've got an innate 5 magic resistance which is amazing. I remember my first character was a Breton and a Nightblade at that. My favourite way to play!

  • Altmer for me. Sweet lore, strong aesthetics and they've traditionally had by far the best racial boosts for any characters dabbling in magic.

    Dunmer and Redguards are a close second though.

  • My favorite race is the khajiit mostly due to how fascinating their lore is. They've also been the chosen race of some of my most memorable Skyrim play throughs, so theres that too. Close seconds would be Bretons. I've never taken much interest in Breton lore but their racial abilities are undeniably the best racial abilities in the game. 

  • You're evil Curse, you know that? How am I supposed to pick!? Each race has its own compelling lore, play style, and culture to choose from; this is preposterous!

    However, I'll try. Here goes nothing: to start off, I heavily favour four asepcts; those being (in order of importance): originality, culture, intrigue, and aesthetic. Now, I'm not- yet- well read in fantasy, but I am aware of certain tropes to certain races.

    Right off the bat: Nords, Altmer, and Imperials are gone. Nords are just vikings, with a extremely strong Norse mythology aesthetics and culture, though I do think the Atmorans are way more interesting due to their animal gods being reminiscent of Native North-American tribes beliefs system, in the end they are just the standard artistic vision of vikings.

    Altmer are straight Tolkien Elves, minus Tolkien elves being a repressentation of a better time, and having this feeling of being very tired, howver, they also had a brutal past that led to their downfall, which made them have deeper character. But Altmer feel like the stereotypical 'perfect race;' how they haven't taken over Tamriel is beyond me.

    Imperials are... kinda default. They're Romans, or at least very obviously Rome/Roman inspired. Even their two separate cultures, Colovian and Nibenayan, aren't that different. They're just... there. That's how I feel atleast.

    So,  now that those are disqualified, we have: Redgaurds, Bretons, Khajiit, Argonians, Bosmer, and Dunmer.

    And... I think Khajiit, or Redgaurd. I like how Khajiit lore is this really self-aware joke with them have pretty much the same pantheon as everyone just renamed, and cat-afied. They have an interesting cat-inspired, culture, and a rad aesthetic, and are by far the most diverse species in TES.


    Redgaurds are just really, really cool- and I always apperciate a people or culture that are inspired from other parts of the world rather than just a focus on Medieval Europe- not that there's anything wrong with Medieval Europe; I just like new things. Though, I am little disgruntled with how their Gods are pretty similar looking to Egyptian Gods, but still interesting.


    Overall, something I really apperciate in the TES is that there is no such thing as an 'Evil race, or people.' Each people groups have commit terrible crimes, and each have had their heroes and villians.

  • A difficult one. Go with the most fun? Most characters played for a race? Best lore? The one's I've written about?

    In the end, I had to go with khajiit, fun to play, interesting lore and I have a couple of short stories written.

  • Orcs are typically my favorite race in any fantasy setting despite almost always being depicted as evil. It pleases me that Bethesda did not go with that tired old trope. The Orcs are a hardy and misunderstood people and their stubborn perseverance in a world that treats them as savages really resonates with me. 

  •  Orcs, they are most miss understood race in Fantasy. that and Jake the Orc was and is still my most favorite character I made, besides Melissa Raven of course :)

  • Hmmmm, personally I’m leaning towards Argonians. Not due to their lore such a shame repelling back Dagon’s forces but because they grab my attention and hold it. Men races don’t feel right to me, moreso the Khajiit and Elbes. Orcs I’ve never understood, but Argonians have a feel of mystery about them 

  • Breton, I like their origins, their cloak and dagger culture that is, as a whole, a mix of Franch (Or rather Bretony), and the Celts. Plus they have some good skill starts, and are good starts for characters who want resist magic or spell absorption.

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