Finally - Custom Names For Custom Potions (with mods)

Disclaimer - I REALLY don't like alchemy. Let's not argue though, I know many people live and die by it as the best crafting skill in Skyrim. I thought this tip might be appreciated by you guys who love the skill.

So, one of the many things I don't like about it is the fact that as a master alchemist, you can't name your creations. So many of you have come up with incredible alchemy builds with fantastic names for concoctions--the old "Emissary of Darkness" build always sticks out in my mind, for example. But if you go play the build, instead of a satchel of "Silent Night" you end up with a bag of "Poison of Damage Magicka Regeneration." Yuck. My immersion has been forever sundered.

Enter Jaxonz Renamer. If you mod you may know this mod - it's awesome, you just scroll over anything, hit a hotkey, type the new name, and voila - it has been renamed. I tried this out at one point as I thought it might make alchemy fun for me, but alas, the mod worked for everything in my inventory EXCEPT for stacks of custom potions.

But wait! The mod does not tell you this, BUT if you

a) make the potions,


c) scroll mouse over potions, and THEN

d) hit the renamer key and type your custom name...

it works flawlessly. Perhaps obvious, but to name a stack--or even have a stack--they all need to be identical; if you have varying strengths of the same potion or poison, you need to drop, rename and pickup each batch.

Try it out and enjoy your custom-named Toxins of Alinor and Crystalline Spirits for the duration of your playthrough.


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  • When Teccam reads this you will have made his day. I'm gonna try this out right away. 

    • It has made mine as well. 

    • Yup, day definitely made. Great tip!

  • I've been searching for something like this since I first played Teccam's Crystallurgist. Great find man!


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      • aaaand done!

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  • Can confirm via the following screenshots that this shit works!

    Avis you are a god damn genius!


    • Happy to help pay the rent around here!

  • I wanted to rename a certain spell but have no idea how to do so since the hotkeys don’t seem to work while using the spell  menu

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