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Greetings, sera. Blackblood here. For those who don't know, I've switched from Nexus Mod Manager to Mod Organizer. The cleaner, simpler setup gives me inspiration to create various profiles for each of my characters, installing separate mods for each one. This helped me breathe new life into my Skyrim experience, and I'm eager to try out some new mods for these characters. Problem is, I've got too many ideas!

That's where this queue comes in. In it, I have compiled a list of all the current characters I have floating in my mind right now. They can be anything from the holiest of Paladins to the most wicked of Daedric champions. With all the number of mods that exist, hardly anything is beyond possibility. I won't be posting images of the characters (like last time in the Vault), and instead will have some cool intro text followed by a brief description of the character. If you would like to see a specific character from this queue played after my current one, let me know in the comments and I'll record it. There's no guarantee that I'll play that character, but it's always nice to hear opinions.

So without further ado, let's get started shall we?



Raised in an ancient monastery at a young age, Silianus Julena was a rather rebellious child. That changed when his recklessness cause great injury to his grandfather, the master of the temple. Despite his best attempts to redeem himself, he is sent away by his grandfather, to be unrestrained by this ancient land and to find his own destiny. And he would soon find that destiny, hidden deep within the walls of High Hrothgar...

The idea for this char came from the concept of the Monk. I'll be using this mod to improve my unarmed/armored potential. Let's see Alduin challenge someone wearing nothing but clothes! >:).




Orthlar Strong-Heart had goals. Aspirations. He saw the dangers of this world, from wicked wizards and warlocks and the like. Thus, he traveled to Skyrim to find the College of Winterhold, in order to train in the ways of the Spellsword. However within Skyrim, he would unlock secrets about his bloodline that would tie him to Tamriel's most powerful and influential Dragon Priest: Konahrik.

The inspiration for this one came from the mod Konahrik's Accoutrements, as well as each of the other mods the creator has. This mod was one of the first ones I'd seen, back when I was still a console peasant, and still remains one of my favorites.




The world is dim. Light is needed to save mortalkind. Drascius Venario will soon come to understand this, while seeking to simply protect those who cannot protect themselves. And in his self-reflection, within his fear of becoming the Zealot that sees no justice beside his own, he will come to realize that this humility is necessary for the champion of the Divines. he will become the one to were the long lost mantle of The Paragon, and protect Skyrim from the evil that would prey upon it.

This armor right here. I dare you to find a better Paladin armor right here. Just looking at it invigorated my righteous side!




Drauwaroth the Malign was the greatest Dremora under the service of Mehrunes Dagon. He had total mastery of the Daedroth arts of war and magic, and controlled legions of Dremora. Even after being summoned by an incredibly powerful Conjurer, he never let his superiority falter... until a powerful Archmage sacrificed his life in order to force Drauwaroth's soul into reincarnation. He would awaken as a Dunmer within Skyrim. Furious, he cursed the mage's name, and swore to reclaim the power that was once his.

Not based on a mod per-se, I just wanted to play as a Dremora-based character. :P




Dagrac Zadrunz was a seldom-mentioned Dwemer, who was far more reclusive than his brethren. He worked on his magnum opus; a suit of Dwarven Armor empowered with the might of Aetherius itself, when the disappearance of the Dwemer occurred. But he was still Dragonborn, and he had a destiny to fulfill. He would awaken once more during the 4th Era, confused and alone, the last Dwemer in existence. But a Dwemer moves on, for time waits for no inventor.

Always wanted to play as a Dwemer. Also always wanted to use this Dwarven Power Armor at least once in my life. There's probably lots of Dwemer-based mods out there anyways.


Few dare to speak his real name. Some say he crawled from within the darkest plane of Oblivion, hungry for the souls of the damned. The few who truly know, however, will tell you that he was once a man. A man who sought not to stare into the abyss, but jump right into it, and emerge twisted as a result. He sought to become a monster, to understand the darkness on a greater level. And he succeeded; using himself, he created one of the most terrifying monsters on Tamriel.

Another character not based on any mods. He's more inspired by Pennywise the Dancing Clown, otherwise known as "It" The concept of an emotionless and terrifying existence, a man who took the path to becoming the ultimate monster.




Judoc Theid was once a member of the Paragons of Light, an up and coming holy cause to protect Tamriel. A Paladin-in-training, he had visions of protecting the weak that could not defend themselves. All that was shattered the day a group of Molag Bal worshippers attacked his group's base, unwilling to allow yet another group of crusaders gain power. Judoc and his allies would have perished, had Molag Bal not seen his potential. He appeared before him and offered to spare the Paragons, in exchange for his eternal servitude. Unwilling to let them die for his decisions, he reluctantly accepted, forever corrupted. Now, he acts as Molag Bal's personal "Paladin", and he can feel his wickedness slowly corrupting his core.

The only thing better than a joke build, is a joke build that all of a sudden got serious. Based off of this purely satirical example of what "not" to put in a character build. I plan on releasing this Paladin as an actual Character Build some time in the future. For now, this guy represents the bastardization of much of what makes a Paladin, a Paladin.




Knowledge. To Hathar, that is the only thing that matters in life. With it, one can unlock secrets long thought lost to time. Knowledge contains the answers to many questions within this world; one simply needs to find it. Those who unlock the knowledge of the past can unlock tools with which they can apply their interests. From ancient tomes to powerful artifacts to even the most seemingly pointless relics, there is potential in all things for containing knowledge lost to the world. This is Hathar's purpose: Find ancient artifacts and knowledge and horde them away, thereby containing all ancient forces within his person.

As much of a scholar as he is a treasure hunter. This guy is actually the fusion of two ideas I had, the original Hathar, servant of Hermaeus Mora, and another eccentric Dunmer treasure hunter. He seeks to master all magic and obtain all ancient artifacts to wield for himself alone. To help him with this is the epic Legacy of the Dragonborn mod.




Jealia Velic was a hag who had no intentions of becoming a Hagraven. Transforming into something so defiling was beneath her. Instead she sought to regain her youth, and twist the minds and hearts of men with her charms and her magic. But even with her age and studies she'll need time to obtain the power that can rival the Hagravens. She'll also need some foolish adventurers to manipulate for her own gain. Luckily, there are plenty of would-be "heroes" in Skyrim for her to use, and not one of them would ever see her coming.

Concept character for a build I'm thinking of. It focuses on a Pure Mage playstyle that doesn't use Destruction, instead choosing the indirect approach to getting through content.




...Is this where I tell my story? Ok then! It's me, Lucarus Belino! I'm here to tell you my... What was it again? ...A short paragraph about my backstory? Why's it always the "backstory"? Why can't it ever be a "frontstory"? Is it because you think I'm ugly? If so then you'd be damn right. I'm far uglier than any of the Daedra out there. Except for those Seducers, hoo boy are they lovely. I tried summoning one for a good time, but she just started clawing away at my face. Horrible little wench. They should fire her. Out of a cannon. Into Mundus. *gasp* Oh maybe it's because I forgot the nails in the ritual! Poor girl was probably starving! I would've given her something to eat if she asked(think I got a spare heart or two around), ...Or maybe she did? Dunno, I was too busy cleaving her in two. Maybe I should've paused and asked her how the weather was. What was I talking about again?

*Ahem* Errr, don't know how he got in there but there you go. This is my character for Sheogorath's "Champion". I found an interesting mod that adds some sheo-inspi- Oh by the gods, is that them? HELLO OUT THERE!! Tell me, does it really rain milk where you're from?! Save me some please! I'd really love some dairy products on my Sweetroll. Don't take that out of conte- *shoved out the way* THANK YOU Lucarus. Anyways, sheo-inspired gear that will really add some oddity to the playthrough, among other potential mods...




Miles has charisma to spare, and makes little attempt to hide it. As a prodigy of a  bard in Cyrodiil, the young man had the future ahead of him, and could've gotten tied with some wealthy noblewoman and set for life. But he craved something more. he craved adventure, to travel the breadth of land and experience the conflicts of it, and to flex his skill in speechcraft. For that reason, he set his sights to Skyrim, a rough land filled with dangers of many kinds, and a war that was ravaging the lands. With his support and skills, he'd surely make a huge mark in the torn lands!

A character dedicated to my little brother, a member of the band in Howard University. The character's gonna be one hell of a Redguard Bard, I swear it!






Completed Characters





Let me know what you all think of these ideas. I'd love to hear your opinions on these characters!

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  • All of these are interesting, looking forward to them

  • All of these, no joke, sound like they'd make pretty awesome builds or profiles. Hopefully both. I'm glad mod organizer is working out for you. It's certainly made my life a lot easier.
  • :UPDATE:
    Added 3 new Characters: The Dark Vile, The Reaper Incarnate, The Paladin of Molag Bal

  • Ok, since I'm coming close to the completion of my Necromancer, I'd like to hear your all's opinions.

    I've got two characters that I'm planning to play next:


    I'd like your opinion on which you'd like to see more. If you have another one you'd like to see, I love to know.

    • I'd want to see The Shadow of Skyrim, seems interesting.

  • :UPDATE:
    Added 1 new Character:
    *The Son of Skyrim

    Removed The Sire Vampire and The Shadow of Skyrim

    Edited The Dark Vile's image and stuff.

  • ::UPDATE::
    Added 5 new Characters:
    *The Vengeful One
    *The Eye of Herma
    *The Wicked Witch
    *Ol' Sheo's Flaggoneer
    *The Bard from Cyrodiil

    Removed The Reaper Incarnate (converted to The Vengeful One) and The Son of Skyrim

    Updated The Aspect of Hircine (changed name to The Wild Hunt)

    Updated The Dragon Monk (changed name to The Dragon Fist)

    These have been a long time coming. *wipes sweat off brow* Maybe now I can move on to other things.

    • The Sheogorath centered build sounds fantastic.

      • Thanks ya friend! Ya know it's not easy getting over here, with Blackblood being all stuf- *gagged*

        Ahem... Thanks.

  • I think it would be a good idea to keep track of whats complete by creating a separate list at the bottom or perhaps adding a checkmark of some sorts next to the name of completed characters.

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