What Moral Alignment Are You?

One thing you'll inevitably have to put thought into whenever you create a character is their moral alignment, the critical component of their personality that dictates how they interact with and perceive the world around them.  So what moral alignment do your characters fit into. Which alignment do you prefer playing most and which one best represents you yourself?

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  • Although the 3x3 alignment chart will never be "perfect", it's still a generally good reference to categorize characters. The best villains, IMO, are always Lawful Evil, because it gives them a sense of purpose and there's a complex nature to the character, due to them working on logic and a system of rules or laws. They're also the easiest "villains" to spot in real life because lots of people will manipulate the order (traditions, laws, rules, morals) to suit their own desires. Umbridge from Harry Potter is an excellent villain for this reason.

    Neutral Good is a pretty standard alignment for good characters and I think most of my characters fall in and around here. Not bogged down by the laws but not too "lol random", like people who are CG sometimes are. True Neutral might be my favourite alignment, tho, and that's such a great quote for it. Being completely independent, uninvolved in the "big issues", looking after yourself and your own but not seeking to do good or hurt others to achieve your ends (like Neutral Evil would), or believing in the letter of the law (like Lawful Neutral). It's hard to simulate in TES games, just because how limited your gameplay/roleplay options are in quests, so most of your characters' motivations have to be headcannoned. 

    • Its my biggest gripe with a lot of vanilla and modded quests in Skyrim. They're mostly geared for any variation of good aligned characters and the limited dialogue options only serve to reinforce that point.

  • My favorite moral alignment has to be Chaotic Good. I like to think of them as good guys who arent afraid to get on the wrong side of the law in order to do what is morally right. They're the morally courageous types who don't see goodness in terms of what is legal or what the law dictates, but rather what is morally just and right. 

    Laws are far from perfect, and they're often made by flawed corruptible people. A lawful good character would enforce the law regardless of its moral failings. That makes them lawful stupid. A chaotic good character wouldnt stand for it. 

  • I play a lot of different characters, but my favorite alignment would have to be chaotic good. I like to think of them as the anti-hero, I feel like they’re not exactly doing it for the greater good, but their actions result in heroic deeds. I like to think of them as Archer from Fate/Stay Night: UBW kind of. I generally don’t like evil characters because I can’t swallow being mean to NPCs, but I will definitely assassinate them for my personal pleasure.
    • Wait if you're willing to assassinate people for personal pleasure, wouldn't that mean you're more than able to swallow being mean to Npcs?
      • Not only is this answer perfect, it also raises a good point. So you wont tell Nazeem to shove it, but you will murder him for personal pleasure. Also using pleasure and assassination in one sentence puts strange images in my head.
        • I just ignore Nazeem so I don’t have to hear his bickering. I don’t like being on bad terms with anybody.
      • I feel bad openly being mean to them, but I have no qualms with assassinting them from the shadows, idk I’m just weird.
        • You have a reputation to consider. Remember tho the npc's have a 6th sense. I killed Mikael silently so I can score with ysolda. Somehow she knew and forever hated me
          • Yeah I hate that. Happened to me when I assassinated some guy who sent hired thugs after me (I think it was Corpulus Vinius). Everyone in the areaa hated even tho there was no way they could possibly have seen the assassination.

            Of course, that wasn't really my personal choice: it just fit with the character. It was my "Count" build, but before he became a vampire and was just a ruthless noble. I guess I'd consider him "Chaotic neutral." At this point, he is very self-centered and is not afraid to do bad things to people if they serve him, but he won't do them on purpose when it's ineffecient. A true sociopath. That is, until he becomes a vampire and his character developed a more sadistic and bloodthirsty nature.

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