Event Ideas

So, this is something I've been wondering, and wanted to bring up. Here we can discuss ideas for any future Building Events, and feel free to chime in. So, feel free to share your ideas below.

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  • What about a community character build event? We could have this big round table discussion where everyone throws out ideas for the perfect character build and then have our best character builders make that build. 

    • We DID have something back on the Skyrim Blog, worked pretty well, with two builds being made as such. 

    • sounds interesting

    • I would imagine polls could be used to vote on things like race, faction, skills etc.

      • You are exactly right.

        • Yeah this is a great idea. I like it a lot. 

        • Yeah

  • The CB admin team has a doc with build event ideas. We will be putting ideas generated by this post into that doc, so know that anything you post here will be taken into account. Anything you guys want to see is great, so please let us know by contributing to this post.

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