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Character Build: The Raider

Damn those Stormcloaks! It’s all their fault that we’ve been captured. Lokir and I stole a pair of horses so we could flee back to my homeland of Hammerfell. We made a killing off of raiding small settlements in Cyrodiil and all we had to do was esca

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Character Build: The Werevulture

A humble Priest of Jephre who wanted nothing more than to help those in need. He sought out influence and power but not for his own selfish reasons. His goal was to do everything he can to bring peace and prosperity to all. A prophet long ago told of

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Character Build: The Shadowcaster

For this build I wanted to create a character that could combine stealth and magic in a unique, perhaps never before seen fashion. What I ended up with was an amazingly effective decoy and ambush specialist. I proudly present...

The Shadowcaster



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