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Character Build: The Lone Wolf




As of right now, the backstory for this character is still a work in progress. I know where I want to go with it, but have had lots of work lately and haven't found time to polish it enough. I will add it to the build as soon as I am satisfied with

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Character Build: The Rascal




PROLOGUE - The Imperial City, 3rd of Rain's Hand, 4E201


"So, Thessia, right ? You've been the alchemist's apprentice for a while ?", Olrik asked the young girl walking beside him. Not that he cared in the slightest about the answer, no ; he was bu

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Character Build: The Hexer

In a forgotten nook in the Wrothgarian Mountains of High Rock lies a small Orcish stronghold, barely held together and seemingly abandoned. Yet inside train Tamriel's most lethal monster-slayers, the hexers. Trained in widely-unknown Nord magic and a

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Contest Build: The Kraken-Born

The swashbuckling adventurer reaches into the burned remains of her adversary - Miraak.  But when she irresistably pulls the dead rebellious dragonborn's sword out, the worst occurs.  The laughter of Hermaus Mora echoes in her mind as tendrils from t

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Character Build: The Grandmaster

For this build, it is important to note the original Morag Tong guild function, and this is perhaps best explained by the translation of the name Morag Tong: meaning Foresters Guild. A "forester" is one who walks observantly through a forest, tasked

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Character Build: The Insurgent

The Insurgent


The Insurgent is a young Nord who set out alongside his childhood friends for the Imperial City in hopes of making a name for himself and earning money for his village. While attempting to cross the border, they were caught alongside t

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Event Build: The Reaper of Souls

Greetings all. Welcome to my spooky build for the equally spooky month of October. This is based off of the mighty warrior of night called the Grim Reaper. This build draws on aspects from all different forms of Death, from the mystical Horseman of t

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Character Build: The Raider

As with most of my builds, this one requires several mods to work at its peak. You will need the following mods, all of which are available on both the PC and Xbox One Special Editions of Skyrim.

*Ordinator: Perk Overhaul

*Andromeda: Standing Stones

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Event Build: The Skin Walker

Hey guys! When I heard about the Halloween Mini Build Event, I wanted to join and create my own character, however, I was (and still am) confused about Halloween as I've never celebrated. Hell, thinking of a build that is both unique and worthy of be

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Character Build: The Soulknife

This build came from 4 things originally - the awesome look of the Vampire armor sets, wanting to make a viable non-stealth dagger only build, the awesome look of the Dragon Priest Dagger, and a build that really utilizes Enchanting and isn't broken

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