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Character Build: Alessia's Chosen



7828047098?profile=RESIZE_710xAkatosh made a covenant with Alessia in those days so long ago. He gathered the tangled skeins of Oblivion, and knit them fast with the bloody sinews of his Heart, and gave them to Alessia, saying, "This shall be my token to you, that so long as you

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Character Build: The Lion of Bangkorai






PROLOGUE – The Imperial City, 3rd of Mid Year, 4E171


The sun had reached its zenith above the arena. Through the heavy iron portcullis, Kazan was staring, unflinching, at the opposite side of the field ; behind the other metal gate across the san

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Character Build: The Hexer

In a forgotten nook in the Wrothgarian Mountains of High Rock lies a small Orcish stronghold, barely held together and seemingly abandoned. Yet inside train Tamriel's most lethal monster-slayers, the hexers. Trained in widely-unknown Nord magic and a

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