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Character Build: The Agent of Baan Dar

Baan Dar, The Legend...Thief, Warlock, Shadowmaster, Ruthless Assassin, Undying Avenger, Dark God, Robber Baron, Mastermind of Nefarious Plots. All these things and more are the Legendary Baan Dar, he who is called The Bandit God; but what is the Tru

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Character Build: The Titan


The Titan

Quick, think of the worst weapon in the game. Did you come up with the Rueful Axe? I certainly did. Seriously, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this weapon. Pros: its base damage is good (same amount as the Glass Battleaxe), it’s

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Character Build: The Spellfork


The Spellfork

There have been a few builds made for Skyrim that have utilized a set of self-enchanted weapons solely for their enchanting effects. This build is in the same vein as them, but notably differs in using what I believe to be the ultimate

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Character Build: The Rurouni

A mysterious figure from the Alik’r Desert, the Rurouni claims obscurity but is all too well known to the Thalmor. During the Great War, he was a swordsman of unparalleled skill known as Battōsai the Merslayer, responsible for the deaths of several A

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Character Build: The Dagger Duelist


The Dagger Duelist

Plenty of builds utilize daggers, but almost all the ones that do either use them for sneak attacks with Assassin’s Blade or dual-wield them. The Dagger Duelist does neither, opting for skillful usage of a single dagger in melee c

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Character Build: The Necromancer

"You have not heard the horrible, sad tale? Of ... of ... well I do not dare speak his names, for he goes by many .....

No one remembers his real name. Most do not even know where he hails from. What little we do know are stories of a simple family

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Character Build: The Thrall of Vile

Once there lived an elf who sought to obtain power by any means necessary. He dealt with various lesser daedra until the day he summoned one of the fearsome Daedric Princes, Clavicus Vile, known for granting power through ritual invocations and pacts

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Character Build: The Greybeard


The Greybeard

The power of the Voice is capable of utilizing the effects of several different skills (Destruction’s fire damage, Illusion’s fear, etc) to the point where it could be relied upon as its own skillset if it weren’t for the limitations o

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Character Build: The Desert Spellsword

Let the wind blow. Let the sand scour. Let the magic of air and sand be free to roam the Alik'r. From the mystic membranes that stand between the two, absorb and convey unto me and all who may understand the deep essential powers of the desert.



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Character Build: The Raider

Damn those Stormcloaks! It’s all their fault that we’ve been captured. Lokir and I stole a pair of horses so we could flee back to my homeland of Hammerfell. We made a killing off of raiding small settlements in Cyrodiil and all we had to do was esca

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Character Build: The War Mage


The War Mage

The idea for this build came about when I realized that I’ve never made a build that really explored the power of Destruction school. Previous builds of mine would rely on it for ranged offense and support, but never the primary form of

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Character Build: The Imperator

Most of what is known about the Legion’s dark soldier is merely rumors and hearsay, for no official records exist. Though the hows and whys are a matter for debate, sometime during the Great War, the Imperial Legion acquired the services of a powerfu

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Character Build: The Larcenous Knight

You were once a great knight of some renown. Your status brought you great wealth, which only whetted your appetite for more. You turned to some…less savory means of obtaining riches. Things such as breaking into the castle treasury and pickpocketing

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Character Build: The Last Dragonborn

There's plenty of builds that use, or even rely on, Shouts, and a number that depict the quintessential Nordic Dragonborn we've seen in Bethesda's promotional material. I wanted to play a character like the Dragonborn foretold in the prophecy and on

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