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Event Build: The Visha Kanya

Greetings and salutations everypony. Welcome to my first of two builds for the Teams Event here on the Forge! Alongside Lee, welcome to an Assassin focused less on killing those in her way, and focusing in on her targets, and with a mixture of seduct

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Character Build: The Goldsmith

                                               The GOLDSMITH


                                                                                          Imagine the Ebony Warrior dressed in Gold                                                         

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Character Build: KoTN - The Rune Master

Hey guys, welcome to my second installment of the KoTN series. This time, I had focused upon the Dunmer. I found the Dunmer quite interesting in the way, they deal with their dead - instead of burying them like most races, they burn them to ashes.

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Saggs. Khajiit merchant build

Saggs is a gray  fifty year old Khajiit woman that is very rude and saggy (obviously) this is my first build and my English isn't that good. Hope it isn't too terrible.

saggs was born in the imperial city with two parents that really wanted a child b

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Character Build: The Agent



Race:Dark Elf


Standing Stone: Thief(Beginning-End Game) Mage(Mid-Game)

Stats:Make a balanced mix in Health,Magicka,Stamina.

Backstory:Optional if you like roleplaying.

Roleplaying:The agent will betray anyone after getting what he wants but you

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