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Event Build: Saint Alessia

Hey guys, I want to start off saying, Merry Xmas and happy holidays! Welcome to my build for the Secret Santa Event (2018). This time, I was assigned, Ayslephs' idea which was 'Saint Alessia. Without further delays, I am happy to present my Build:



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3 Replies · Reply by Aysleph Dec 25, 2018

Character Build: The Insurgent

The Insurgent


The Insurgent is a young Nord who set out alongside his childhood friends for the Imperial City in hopes of making a name for himself and earning money for his village. While attempting to cross the border, they were caught alongside t

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Event Build: Santa Claws

Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season. Welcome to my entry to the Secret Santa Event. I was assigned FordFalcon’s Santa Claws build. The idea recommended an Unarmed Khajiit. Without further adieu, here’s my holiday event build.



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3 Replies · Reply by Lee Jul 22, 2019