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North Hammer, South Dagger

   The voices, can you hear them? Three Tunes. One; the voice of an ancient Dwemer Architect. He calls himself simply, the architect. Second tune; the voice of a passed member of the order as per tradition. Third tune; reason and logic or balance “ho

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This is Goodbye

Disclaimer: Shocker, another non-TES story XP


“I’m begging you, Misaki!” Drake cried to the blue haired woman. His eyes were bloodshot from the tears that refused to stop leaking down his face. “Please, stop this. We can defeat ZONE together!”



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Evervale: A Short Story

Hey, guys! So I took a short break from "In Love and War", (don't worry, the next chapter will be out soon) and typed up this short story that's been bouncing around in my head for awhile. It is fantasy related, not Skyrim related, so if not allowed

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The Angel and the Devil

Author's Note: This is not set in the TES Universe (shocker). This is set in World of Warcraft with the two main characters being my own creation. Any others therein are creations by Blizzard. Enjoy!



Netherlight Temple, he thought. I can feel the Li

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One-Shot: Ritual

With a deep breath, Nimah stepped out into the cold, afternoon air, walking down from the stone steps of Ebonheart Chateau, and casting a sober look to the west as the sun dipped beneath the mountains of Stonefalls. This territory was unfamiliar to h

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To You, Dad


I stood before the crude marking of the grave, eyes to the ground and narrowed in sorrow and grief. I still couldn’t believe he was gone; he, mom, and my brother.

What I hated most about it was me.

I put them there for what other way was t

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