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Vampires and Fire Magic

I'm torn. There are vampires who use fire spells, including one in Volkihar Keep, though he's a dunmer. What about non-dunmers? Frost magic is absolutely a better thematic fit, but seeing as most magic in TES cannot hurt the caster, does it really go

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7 Replies · Reply by Irissa Feb 10

Favorite Build?

If this has been asked before I apologize. What is everyone’s favorite builds here? The shear number of builds is overwhelming so I would like to get a sense of what the community thinks are the best builds. 


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4 Replies · Reply by Curse Jan 15

Where are you from

I was on the discord group today and saw conversations at 4am my time and then it hit me most of ye guys aren't from Ireland like me so I'm just wondering where are ye guys from. 


*if you aren't comfortable commenting your home country just say a con

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30 Replies · Reply by Pixel Jan 10

J´zargo Vs The Player

The more I think about J’zargo and his exploding scrolls, the more I believe he wanted to kill you because he greatly envies you. First of all, he is highly competitive and strives to be the best of the College's students, using all available means n

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1 Reply · Reply by Pixel Jan 8