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Favorite side character

So I have a question for all of you. What is your favorite side character in the world of TES or Fallout? I am talking about characters that don't appear in the main quest and their interaction is completely optional.

From TES my favorite is Calcelmo.

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14 Replies · Reply by Ein Apr 23, 2020

Seeking RPers

I'm pretty sure ever since I hit the big 4 and 0 I have been suffering a mid life crisis.  Only instead of a motorcycle or sports car I have found myself returning to my gaming roots and collecting all sorts of table top rpgs, war games, and miniatur

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2 Replies · Reply by TorynCross Apr 7, 2020

Pc Perk Overhauls

So I'm planning on getting a Pc in a year's time, and I'm making a list of the mods to install. 

Unfortunately I can't decide on a perk overhaul; personally I'm leaning towards Ordinator, but Vokrii has grabbed my attention.

So my question to you guys

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5 Replies · Reply by SirFloopy Mar 13, 2020

PS4 Mods

I was in process of starting a new character with mods on my ps4. My problem is that on the builds I have been looking at are nodded for PC or XB1. So what I want to know is are there any alternative ps4 mods that do same as the mods I am looking for

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9 Replies · Reply by Curse Mar 10, 2020

Do you Murderhobo?

For the unfamiliar, the term "Murderhobo" refers to a (Typically D&D, though it's applicable to all RPGs IMO) homeless player character who goes around indiscriminately killing and looting the world that they're a part of. In Skyrim, I'd say this can

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5 Replies · Reply by Marook Mar 9, 2020

If you were an NPC

Sometimes I imagine what my life would be like if I were in the Elder Scrolls universe. What race suits my personality the most? Would I stick to something safe like farming or something more daring like joining an army, or even becoming an adventure

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5 Replies · Reply by SirFloopy Mar 8, 2020

Where are you from

I was on the discord group today and saw conversations at 4am my time and then it hit me most of ye guys aren't from Ireland like me so I'm just wondering where are ye guys from. 


*if you aren't comfortable commenting your home country just say a con

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30 Replies · Reply by Pixel Jan 10, 2020

So what's the deal about dem names?

Through this discussion I wanna ask you two questions:1. Why the name? What's the story or reason behind your username?2. Some people here (myself included) are 'name-sensitive'. For example, I don't like to be called Tesla (Tesla Cannon or just Cann

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60 Replies · Reply by Kodaav Jan 10, 2020

J´zargo Vs The Player

The more I think about J’zargo and his exploding scrolls, the more I believe he wanted to kill you because he greatly envies you. First of all, he is highly competitive and strives to be the best of the College's students, using all available means n

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1 Reply · Reply by Pixel Jan 8, 2020

Classes of the Elder Scrolls

Personally, as an RPG fan, I love when games have a good class system or progression. Since the Elder Scrolls are a little more open their class "system" is basically "do whatever you want." However, they have given us pre-made archetypes in the past

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36 Replies · Reply by Kodaav Jan 8, 2020