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Show off your sketches


I dabble in digital art and often draw my original characters. So, I wonder if anyone else would be willing to draw one of their favorite Skyrim characters and share them with the rest of the group. Here's a thread to show off hand made pictures of

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124 Replies · Reply by Erinoth Sep 13, 2020

A Call for Artists!


A call for those of you who wish to turn your hobby into a source of income!


It is everyone’s dream to do what they love as a living, and for many artists, this dream has become a reality. Especially among the RPG community, the demand for custom art

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What Inspires Your Art?

Being creative is tasking. Where physical tasks strain our muscles, creative ones stress the mind. To prevent burnout, creators must consume experiences and media, all of which lends itself to developing one’s skill. Furthermore, creation of any type

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1 Reply · Reply by Curse Jan 23, 2020

Meli's Elder Scrolls Art

Occasionally I draw characters, items, scenes inspired by The Elder Scrolls games, mostly Skyrim, but now ESO as well and the odd one from Oblivion.

Dorcas-Anya Geonette (born 2E552)

Vestige, templer, crafter, murder investigator, friend to High King E

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3 Replies · Reply by Curse Dec 22, 2019

Taking Screenshots Without Mods

Hey guys, its me again. I have got news for you, a) I am still alive (that's good depending on who you ask and when you ask me), and b) I found a way of Taking and Posing for Screenshots in Skyrim WITHOUT MODS!

Screenshots without Mods. You read that

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12 Replies · Reply by Lizard Wizard Oct 11, 2018

Perk and Equipment Spreads

Hey guys, something I have noticed is that everyone has different ways of creating Perk and Equipment Sprads. For example, take Curse's Spread Work compared to mine below;




Mine is there first one, while Curse's is the second one. See the differen

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3 Replies · Reply by TexasC4 Apr 12, 2018