Bloodlines: A Skyrim Character Building Contest


"I fear the night. Because the werewolves and vampires don't"

Halloween is upon us o'children of the night. And what better way is there to celebrate than a Skyrim Character Building Contest. So welcome one and all to our 2nd ever Skyrim Build Contest. I give you....

The Elder Scrolls: Bloodlines - A Skyrim Character Building Contest. 

For this contest we wanted to try our hand at a vampire/werewolf theme while granting contestants as much freedom as possible, and 'Bloodlines', even more so than 'Pirates of Tamriel', will definitely be a treat for the most creative among us. In this contest we'll be taking the bountiful blessings of our  Daedric lords and turning them into Skyrim Character Builds. But not all see lycanthropy and vampirism as blessings. To some they are a curse, or worse, a disease to be purged....

There are no limits or restrictions on the skills, mods or equipment you may use. Use whatever you want. BUT your entry must revolve around the theme of vampirism and/or lycanthropy. The Elder Scrolls series is rich with vampire clans and lycanthropic strains for you to work with. If you'd like feel free to take inspiration from vampires and werewolves from outside the TES Universe, or invent your own original werewolf or vampire. You can even go so far as making characters dedicated to eradicating these creatures from the face of Nirn. Be it a creature of the night or a champion of the light your only real limitation is your imagination.  You may work in teams of no more than 3 people total. Once the competition closes, a panel of judges (see below) will judge each submitted build based on the criteria below and announce the winners! Here are the prizes…




First Place - Gold

  • $60 Dollars in game credits for the system of your choice (Steam, PSN, Xbox)
  • Build video by PCOutcast for your build.
  • Screenshots done for the submitted build or build of the winner’s choice
  • Your build prominently featured on the front page
  • Exclusive access to the judging panel of the next contest (only if not participating in said contest)
  • Input into the theme of our second Skyrim character build contest
  • "Contest Gold" tag for the submitted build
  • The priviledge of walking as a lion among sheep and witness men tremble at your approach...

 Second Place - Silver

  • $30 Dollars in game credits for the system of your choice (Steam, PSN, Xbox)
  • Your build prominently featured on the front page
  • Screenshots done for either the submitted build or another build of the winners' choice
  • "Contest Silver" tag for the submitted build!

 Third Place - Bronze

  • $15 Dollars in game credits for the system of your choice (Steam, PSN, Xbox)
  • Your build prominently featured on the front page
  • "Contest Bronze" tag for the submitted build!


- Rules & guidelines -

  1. You may work on your own or in a team of up to 3. (Note however the prize will be split among the team) You can come up with a team name if you like!
  2. Only 1 build may be entered per contestant/team.
  3. Teams may register on this thread and submit a build at any time prior to the cut off date of October 31st 2019    November 7th 2019.  After this date Registrations will then close and the panel will judge the entries.
  4. Because this is a contest we cannot offer contestants any feedback on their builds. This is in the interest of fairness. However, you’re free to get feedback from anyone who isn’t judging the builds.
  5. Submitted builds must include a "Contest2" tag so we can find them
  6. Winners will be announced on the  8th of November    16th of November!


- The Panel -

  1. John (Teccam)
  2. Elysium
  3. The Long Chapper


- The Criteria (Please click for expanded view) -


- The Contestants - 

  1. NomadDash - The Lord of Shadows
  2. PaladinGelebor - The Unleashed
  3. Chris Diokno - The Lord Impaler
  4. EJT2018
  5. Lord Cheesewheel
  6. Jarlivar
  7. TheThirdCrusader
  8. Dewalt - The Nightlord
  9. JustJam - The Sanguine Protector
  10. Maezell
  11. darksabrz
  12. Blackblood
  13. Kaiser
  14. Bane
  15. Warlocksg
  16. Jiru44 - The Vigil of Molag Bal
  17. Erinoth - The Chimera
  18. Furrion17
  19. MarintheFox - The Moonlit King
  20. KendrixTrixie - The Blood and Moonlight
  21. Shadon - The Fanged Prince
  22. Johnnyawe14 - The Cursebearer
  23. Praxedes - The Blood Knight


- Resources - 

Below are a few helpful suggestions to get you started should you decide to enter. Here you'll find everything from informative TES wiki pages and lore articles to community input on what makes a good character build. We've even included information on various factions of vampire/werewolf hunters but what we've listed below are nowhere close to all of them. Regardless of what you do it would benefit you immensely to do some additional research. 

Good luck and may the best character build win!


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  • Sounds great, sign me up

    • Wonderful you're in.

  • Bloody beautiful. This time round I won’t be able to participate but I am more than willing to help out the participants - whether that’s general feedback or even help with a backstory. However, I won’t build it for you, nor am I a participant myself (unless I do a collab with someone).

    TLDR: I won’t be able to join but I’m more than willing to help out participants but I won’t be making the build for you.

    • This. I'm happy to be of any assistance too. Put me into the resource pool if you like Curse.


  • Count me in!

    • You're all signed up. Best of luck to you. 

  • Eeey, sign me up

    • Ok Chris you're in. Good luck. 

      • Thanks Guess, i got a few ideas

  • The criteria doesn't show up for me, but I'd really like to enter.

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