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Character Build: The Oblivion Walker


For the past 200 years, I have guarded Nirn against any and all supernatural threats.  I now require help.  I am on my way to the Temple of Azura, one of my fellow Daedra.  Perhaps she can help me.  Though I have adopted the form of a mortal Dun

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Character Build: The Mabrigash

This is one of my older builds, and one of the first to utilise the Aspect of Terror perk to increase damage dealt with fire spells.


The Mabrigash

A Mabrigash is an Ashlander witch, a renegade wise woman who has forsaken the established rules by becomi

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Character Build: The Weeping Angel


Don't blink. Don't even blink. Blink and you're dead. 


Too often, assassin characters end up following a very familiar pattern of gameplay: hide, kill once, hide again. Here, I attempt to deviate from that pattern without delving into dangerously e

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Character Build: KoTN - The Rune Master

Hey guys, welcome to my second installment of the KoTN series. This time, I had focused upon the Dunmer. I found the Dunmer quite interesting in the way, they deal with their dead - instead of burying them like most races, they burn them to ashes.

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Character Build: The Agent



Race:Dark Elf


Standing Stone: Thief(Beginning-End Game) Mage(Mid-Game)

Stats:Make a balanced mix in Health,Magicka,Stamina.

Backstory:Optional if you like roleplaying.

Roleplaying:The agent will betray anyone after getting what he wants but you

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Character Build: The Fearmonger

Having never really delved into a truly evil build (Mythic Dawn is pretty evil though) that incorporates raising the dead, I wanted to give it a go. I also wanted to give it a go at a "pure" mage build that only wielded distance spells and did 100% n

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Character Build: The Camonna Tong

Tired of being the "good" guy? Tired of the same old dutiful work of the honorable quester in Skyrim? Well you have come to the right place. This build, inspired by heavy Dunmer lore, is in no way a good character. To further break my seemingly unwil

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Character Build: The Buoyant Armiger

The Buoyant Armiger

"I am a Buoyant Armiger, a member of a small military order of the Tribunal Temple exclusively dedicated to and answering to Lord Vivec. We pattern ourselves on lord Vivec's heroic spirit of exploration and adventure, emulating hi

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