mage armor (25)

Character Build: The Watcher

Mods (entirely optional, used for cosmetic purposes)

Realistic Armors



Heimdallr (also anglicized as Heimdall) watches over Asgard and the Bifrost, warning the other Aesir of threats if necessary.  This is especially important during

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The Master Wizard

Made with Anniversary Edition, but only the Myrwatch and Arcane Accessory CCs were used.  Mods can be used, but aren't required and weren't used in the making of this build.


I have served in High King Torygg's court as his court wizard since his

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Contest build: The Shieldmaiden


It’s  been long time since I’ve played Skyrim, even longer since i’ve publicly posted a build. But here I am nonetheless. Having been refreshing my knowledge of The Elder Scrolls Lore (religions too) I noticed an announcement about this con

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Character Build: Lazareth the Risen

If you love raising your minions, buffing them up and becoming a Lich, while having a low AR, you are in the exact place. This build was created by the help of Relycs (mainly for the Gameplay and the Ritual). I am proud to present to you Lazareth the

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Character Build: The Prodigy

This build is something of a mashup between the Paladin, Arcane Bladesman and Nightingale Swordsman - 3 of my favorite builds. The result is a fun, fast paced character with plenty of options in and out of combat. I hope you enjoy reading (and even p

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Character Build: The Poisoner


The Poisoner

When someone brings up the subject of poison in Skyrim, they’re usually talking about the harmful concoctions that you can make via Alchemy. The reality is, however, that there is a wide variety of options for poison damage in Skyrim. T

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Character Build: The Dervish

After demolishing everything with my Old Orc and loving two handed, I wanted to expand on the skill in a different way and open my new build up to using magic as well. This character is inspired from a class from Guild Wars Nightfall, a game I have p

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Character Build: The Desert Spellsword

Let the wind blow. Let the sand scour. Let the magic of air and sand be free to roam the Alik'r. From the mystic membranes that stand between the two, absorb and convey unto me and all who may understand the deep essential powers of the desert.



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Character Build: The Imperator

Most of what is known about the Legion’s dark soldier is merely rumors and hearsay, for no official records exist. Though the hows and whys are a matter for debate, sometime during the Great War, the Imperial Legion acquired the services of a powerfu

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