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Character Build: The Regulator

The Internet has seen some attempts at making unarmed combat viable, and a few have even found success. This, however, was the first build out there (to my knowledge - originally posted several years ago) to do so without the aid of looping and/or st

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Character Build: The Shaper

Something I've always thought with the vast majority of the werewolf builds is how the beast Form seriously limits the character's power, such as reducing defensive capability through armor/the lack of a shield, limiting damage dealing with powerful

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Character Build: Aspect of Hircine

My breath quickened as I chased through the woods after a troll. Stupid creature.

"No use in running," I whispered to myself. "Slow down, idiot beast. I'll have your head either way." My fingers tightened around the end of my arrow as the troll stopp

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Character Build: The An-Xileel Agent

Builder's Note: Regarding the contest, it is currently 12am Australian Eastern Standard Time so this build may one of the first ones up due to commitments I have tomorrow and as of now we are unaware of any conditions regarding tags and build names.

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Character Build: Shamans of Skyrim


A shaman is a religious leader of a small group of worshippers and is responsible for spiritual healing and protection, offering wisdom and interpreting tenants for their followers. A shaman relies on his mystical powers drawn from worship of natur

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7 Replies · Reply by Maezell Jan 8, 2020

Character Build: The Maormer Magician

One of the more known non-playable races of Tamriel are the Maormer, a race of elves adapted for life at the tropical seas and famous for their unique Snake Magic. I was very tempted to use alchemy to emulate Snake Magic, but instead, ended up with a

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8 Replies · Reply by Lee Jul 22, 2019

Character Build: The Hist Wraith

As many of you may know, I love my Argonians. Something about them is just fascinating them to me. Is it because they resemble dragons, which I love to death? Is it because of their lore and history? Or is it because they make such diverse and intere

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Character Build: The Tiger



903740?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024 The Tiger is essentially a heavy hitter . He’s an absolute tank when it comes to fighting and he knows it. He uses his heavy armour to soak up blows, with Restoration on the side to heal himself, while knocking enemies to pieces with his warhamme

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Character Build: The Dunmer Warrior

The Dumner has always fascinated me but I have never had a proper playthrough with one until now, and I knew I wanted it to be different, something that hasn’t been done nor seen before. And I managed to come up with something that I think is origina

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