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Contest Build: The Nightlord

The Nightlord

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DESCRIPTION: The Nightlord is a master of deception and blood magic, able to blend into human society with ease. He goes to great lengths to stay amoung the shadows and conceal his identity through powerful illusion magics. But when th

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Character Build: The Outcast Orc

This is my first build along with backstory. Also im on my mobile so forgive the spelling errors



When he was born, the Orc child was sick. Everyone was to let him die. Weak and sick, crying for attention as days pass, yet the little one would not die

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Character Build: The Elven Scourge



“How dare they”. She exclaimed in anger, gipping her hand into a fist and punching the Thalmor assassin in the stomach winding him. “After all I did for them, after all they did to me!” “They expect to dispose of me like trash”. She drew

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Event Build: The Demon Hunter

Name: N/a
Codename: Demon Hunter
Age: N/a

The 'Demon Hunter' was found in a pool of blood outside a temple of Arkay in Cyrodiil 5 years ago with no memories, with a burning hate for vampires.

He was indoctrinated into the order, creating potions

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Character Build: The Electromancer


 This is the first time I write a build here, but I'll try my best... Hope you can have as much fun with this build as I've had so

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Event Build: Saint Alessia

Hey guys, I want to start off saying, Merry Xmas and happy holidays! Welcome to my build for the Secret Santa Event (2018). This time, I was assigned, Ayslephs' idea which was 'Saint Alessia. Without further delays, I am happy to present my Build:



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