Gods & Mortals - A Skyrim Character Building Contest


Well its been long overdue but its finally here! The much anticipated 4th Skyrim Character Building contest is live. With that we're proud to present...

The Elder Scrolls: Gods and Mortals

For this contest we wanted to try our hand at a theme revolving around the many higher beings found in The Elder Scrolls while granting contestants as much freedom as possible, and with gods of all kind being the center focus, this contest will grant contestants more freedom than they've ever had before. In this contest we'll be exploring the connections shared between mortal kind and the many gods which inhabit the Aurbis.

There are no limits or restrictions on the skills, mods or equipment you may use. Use whatever you want. BUT your entry must revolve around one or more deities within TES. The Elder Scrolls series is rich with a multitude of god like figures for you to work with - and you're by no means limited to simply the Divines or the Dardric Princes. Any higher being within the TES universe - anything from Sithis to even Mannimarco - is fair game.  Your character is by no means limited to simply being a champion acting on behalf of your chosen deities either. So long as your chosen deity remains the centerpiece of your build in some capacity you're free to do whatever. Your only real limitation is your imagination.  You may work in teams of no more than 3 people total. 

Once the competition closes, a panel of judges (see below) will judge each submitted build based on the criteria below and announce the winners! Here are the prizes…





First Place - Gold

  • $30 Dollars in game credits for the system of your choice (Steam, PSN, Xbox)
  • Your build prominently featured on the front page
  • Exclusive access to the judging panel of the next contest (only if not participating in said contest)
  • Input into the theme of the next Skyrim character build contest
  • "Contest Gold" tag for the submitted build
  • Your soul claimed for eternity by a Daedric Prince of your choosing.

 Second Place - Silver

  • $10 Dollars in game credits for the system of your choice (Steam, PSN, Xbox)
  • Your build prominently featured on the front page
  • "Contest Silver" tag for the submitted build!

 Third Place - Bronze

  • Your build prominently featured on the front page
  • "Contest Bronze" tag for the submitted build!


- Rules & guidelines -

  1. You may work on your own or in a team of up to 3. (Note however the prize will be split among the team) You can come up with a team name if you like!
  2. Only 1 build may be entered per contestant/team.
  3. Please list which diety or dieties your build will focus on.
  4. Teams may register on this thread and submit a build at any time prior to the cut off date of October 31 2020  November 7th 2020 After this date Registrations will then close and the panel will judge the entries.
  5. Submitted builds must include a "Contest4" tag so we can find them
  6. Winners will be announced on the  15th of November  22nd of Novembe


- The Panel -

             Furrion17 - Matt Feeney - Ponty

- The Criteria (Please click for expanded view) -             7879971892?profile=RESIZE_710x

- The Contestants - 

  1. Asyleph - Akatosh
  2. Chris Diokno - The Ternion Monk
  3. Avi - Satakal
  4. Lissette - Ideal Masters
  5. Delta Fox - Molag Bal/Arkay
  6. Shainos - All Maker
  7. Kruger - The Shade of Umbra'
  8. Telby - The Ophidian Divine
  9. ye4thorn - The Soul Eater
  10. Ramses - Kyne/Malacath
  11. Erinoth & Kendrix - TBD
  12. Cannon - The Shieldmaiden
  13. NomadDash - The Doorman
  14. ShadowKihn - Chosen of the Wilderking
  15. Netherman - The Subjugator
  16. DiabloSaint - Beoethia
  17. Frans - The Frost Heart
  18. Shadowscale - Hollowjack, Hircine's Abomination


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    The Doorman



    Gameplay (16/20): Good to see some descriptions of the modded perks in your own words! I like the damage over time theme, it sounds like a cool and powerful gimmick to center the build around and plays into the selected deity nicely. Some of the ‘special moves’ seemed more like standard combat strategies rather than specific high powered moves; perhaps it could be worth making that distinction rather than cramming all your synergies into that one section. 


    Characterization (18/20): The intro made for a great hook which had me interested right off the bat. Cool concept overall and very much in the theme. The backstory had some issues where the character was referred to as the youngest and eldest and different stages. That said the roleplay was excellent with some great options in both in-game and custom quests. 


    Presentation (8/10): Good screenshots and artwork throughout though the text on the titles and perk spread could have used something like a border or light shadow to help make it stand out from the background. Something else to improve on in the future with the perk spread was that it seemed a little cramped; you’ve got a lot of room to work with there and they all seem a bit squished up on the sides. Aside from a few spelling mistakes and uncapitalised proper nouns the presentation was for the most part well written, well spaced and well laid out. 


    Gameplay (18/20): You’ve come up with a very interesting playstyle here. I especially like that you have chosen to use “The Monarch” perk. There are lots of synergies to appreciate within this character. Skills and abilities have all been explained quite well. My suggestion for the perks section would be to only have 3, or 4 at most of the most essential perks in a skill tree detailed on. Anyone who has Ordinator is going to be able to look up just what the skills do in game. So I’d focus on cutting down some of those extra descriptions to save on reading time.


    Characterization (18/20): I’ll echo Ponty in saying I thought the little intro you did was great. It really helped to set the tone of your character. You’ve got some strong roleplay options here too, which is great. Quests chosen are all well justified, and the way you have presented your character throughout the build leaves no question as to just what his motivations are. Good job.


    Presentation (8/10): You had a strong presentation throughout for the most part. The images compliment the Ancient Nordic theme of Orkey quite well. There were a few smaller things that you could have improved on. I think the ability images in particular for me just didn’t quite feel in line with the rest of the presentation you used in the build. There were also a small number of grammatical errors throughout. Over all you have done a great job and the build definitely exudes the theme you re trying to push.


    Gameplay (16/20): I’m not an expert with Ordinator, but the skills do seem well-thought-out. Some of the synergies are pretty interesting. I’m not sure the ineffectiveness at range is as big of a weakness as it’s presented in the build. With Become Ethereal, it’s pretty easy to close the distance with pretty much any enemy in Skyrim. Otherwise, it seems like a really neat concept and the thought put into it is clear.


    Characterization (14/20): The quest choices are solid. A pretty diverse selection, including some for the lower levels, which is important. I think a larger emphasis on the self-made Remove the Weak quest was warranted. We’re given some suggestions for targets, but it seems like it’d be a rather large part of the playthrough. Beyond that, it does line up pretty well with what I know of Orkey and I like the anti-undead aspect, which opens up a lot of quests.


    Presentation (8/10): There are a number of grammatical mistakes throughout, including missing words or incorrect punctuation. I will compliment the choice of images, which are really nice, save for those under Special Moves; those ones seem very out of place to me. A smaller but persisting criticism is the choice of black font over the dark divider images; that combination can be tough to read depending on screen brightness. Throwing a white outline on the font would’ve gone a long way.


    Total Gameplay Avg = 16.666

    Total Characterization Avg = 16.666 

    Total Presentation Avg = 8

    Total Average = 41.333

    Likes = 9


    Total Score: 50.333

    Contest Build - The Doorman (Modded)
    With all the advances that have been made, the atmoran people believe that they are entitled to live beyond their usefulness. They believe that thos…
  • Congratulations to the winners. 

  • Good run everyone!

  • Great work from all the contestants and the judges :)

  • Thank you all to the judges for the feedback as well as Curse for organinzing the contest. Congrats NomadDash!

  • Congrats to everyone!

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