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Event Build: Ka Po' Tun Lord

The Ka Po' Tun Lord is based on, you guesed it, the tigerfolk of Akavir. In this build you combine the ferocity of your claws with the elements to create the ultimate close quarters build. Please excuse my lack of pictures, as im not that great at ph

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Character Build: The Wyrm's Bane






"What a sunrise..." thought Taviah, as she woke up to the sound of chirping birds. As per usual when she'd stop in a village, she would offer to bring back plants and game to the local innkeeper, in exchange for a free, hot bowl of stew. She'd bee

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The Wise Warmaker of Nirn

The Wise Warmaker of Nirn


Prologue: The Creation of the Dragons

                            Akatosh, the Golden Dragon God of Time, following his formation, became father to the dragons. His firstborn, Alduin, would be known as the serpent that would d

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Character Build: The Witch Doctor

Welcome one and all to my newest creation! This is my attempt at the nightblade archetype. The archetype is so fun but the crazy powerful stealth modifiers in Skyrim combined with Illusion often make the game way too easy regardless of difficulty. Th

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