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Character Build: The Insurgent

The Insurgent


The Insurgent is a young Nord who set out alongside his childhood friends for the Imperial City in hopes of making a name for himself and earning money for his village. While attempting to cross the border, they were caught alongside t

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Character Build: The Hulkynd

I love playing characters that buck their racial stereotypes. The inspiration for my second build (thanks, BTW, for the positive response to my first one) was a bit player in the Summerset chapter of ESO—one of many high elves that are exiled from Al

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Character Build: The Warden

          Hey guys, this is my first post here on the blog! After lurking for a long time I finally made an account so I could post my "first build," but I wasn't really pleased with it so I tried again. After 4-5 planned "first builds" I finally cre

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Character Build: The Old Orc

Body is weary. The road has been long. But there is life in these old hands yet...

Hammer is heavier than it used to be, not like the early years. Hammer remembers many faces, the bones broken, the skulls crushed, the blood sprayed. Pain radiates th

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Character Build: The Kamal

"Frozen in time ... but not forgotten ... at least not for long ... "

This character build has been a dream of mine to complete. With the addition of the new Dragonborn DLC, I feel confident enough to present this new race build. It includes new con

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Character Build: The Ka Po' Tun

This character concept is something of the original, both in lore and play style. The concept is to role play and build a tiger-dragon Ka Po' Tun, a fierce cat-like warrior who uses brute strength and agility to take down opponents, especially the ha

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Character Build: The Werelion

It’s been so long since I’ve played a truly evil character. I find it almost therapeutic to become a cackling, torturing fiend of the darkness. Adding in a glass cannon that manages to tank excellently (due to some superior Health Regen) and a rich b

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Character Build: The Brute

I've wanted to revamp this creation a bit for quite some time. There were 4 major areas I focused on with this revamp: I trimmed a lot of fat from the build making this character build much easier to level and thus more accessible to players. I shed

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Character Build: The Tiger



903740?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024 The Tiger is essentially a heavy hitter . He’s an absolute tank when it comes to fighting and he knows it. He uses his heavy armour to soak up blows, with Restoration on the side to heal himself, while knocking enemies to pieces with his warhamme

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