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Contest Build: The Lamp Descendant

While it might have been over 5(!) years since I posted my last build, the announcement of the Back to Basics contest inspired me to dust off one of my old ideas, where the journey is just as important as the destination, and dive headfirst back into

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Contest Build: The Twisted Jester

3958501669?profile=RESIZE_180x180Hello everyone and welcome to my second contest build. I have been enjoying vanilla Skyrim, learning a bunch of stuff and this contest seemed like the perfect time to finish something I had in mind for a few months. I've heard a lot of good stuff abo

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Character Build: The Chameleon

They draw closer every day. Every time I think I've shaken them, they somehow pick up my trail once more. I need to be more unpredictable, more untraceable. I've invented some new cocktails that should throw them off for a little while... assuming th

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Contest Build: The Chimera



~A Path Paved by Blood~

4E 176: As the last light of Magnus fell behind the mountains’ peaks, utterly swallowed by Nirn’s horizon, blazing beacons lit throughout the stone citadel, Markarth. Silently, a silhouette rose before the grandest pyre, wh

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