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Character Build: The Witch Doctor

Welcome one and all to my newest creation! This is my attempt at the nightblade archetype. The archetype is so fun but the crazy powerful stealth modifiers in Skyrim combined with Illusion often make the game way too easy regardless of difficulty. Th

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Character Build: The Slayer

The nightmares plaguing this land--the undead, the vampires, the Daedra--they are rage. Brutal, without mercy. But he... he is worse. He alone can stand before the horde. His rage is their terror, and his might... their DOOM...


The concept for this

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Contest Build - Soul Eater

What entered is unknown and doesn’t matter,

8097452883?profile=RESIZE_710xbut what returned is a fate worse than death.

Come forth

the Soul Eater

The Masters have tasks for you.

The Soul Eater, once made a deal for power, but forgot to make it his power. Now the Ideal master have a t

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