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Welcome everyone to our first ever character building contest! Here you can emjoy a friendly competition among friends and win fabulous prizes, but only if you prove you're the best of the best. For more details on the contest please click the link below. There you can sign up for the contest. Best of luck to all those who compete!


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Donations to TheSkyForge

Hey folks. For those of you who have been here for a while you're likely aware that I pay the cost of running the TheSkyForge out of my own pocket. The cost currently sitting at $60.00 a month, or roughy $720.00 a year.

I pay this willingly not only because of the entertainment and enjoyment is has brought you all, but because I wish to keep TheSkyForge free of advertisements. But, in order to ease the finacial burden placed upon myself, I'd like to begin accepting donations to help run this community we all love and enjoy. 

To that end you will detect a new addition to the Home Page on the bottom right hand side (or the very bottom of the home page for those viewing from a phone). Simply click that Donation image and you'll be ported to a Paypal page, which will enable you to make a contribution to the ongoing costs. I encourage everyone to 'chip in' whatever they can, however modest, so that we can all continue to enjoy this fine community.

The donation link will remain on the Home Page indefinitely. However, I have no plans nor desires to profit from the donations in anyway. All surplus donations will go toward gifts and prizes for various events as well as upgrades to the site.

Please follow this link to proceed to our PayPal donation page:


Thank you all in advance for your contributions.

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Crossworlds - A Skyrim Character Building Event

Welcome to our latest character building event! In this event, participants will be bringing a character from another of their most beloved worlds, whether fantasy in nature or otherwise, and translating that character into the world of The Elder Scrolls. There’s a catch though. These characters can’t simply be plucked from their own realm and dropped onto Tamriel. No, they need a full Elder Scrolls makeover if they’re going to journey through the lands of Skyrim. You’ll need to make everything about your character fit into the Elder Scrolls universe as seamlessly as possible, and you won’t be allowed to make any direct references to your character or their world until the very bitter end of your build. Otherwise, this is an event with unlimited possibilities in which you can fully bring two of your favorites worlds together.

Follow this link for more details:


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Join the Skyrim Guards!

For those of you who aren't aware, the Skyforge partnered awhile back with the Skyrim Guard Discord server, headed up by myself (Pixel) and BrosisJK. The server is a great Elder Scrolls community with many features including live chat, Skyrim character journals for players wishing to chronicle their journeys through Tamriel, a leveling system with ranks based on those in the Imperial City's Arena, a channel to post your best screenshots, and much more.

This server can be a great way to organize collaborations or chat more fluidly with friends you've met here on the Skyforge. If you're interested, just make a free Discord account if you don't already have one and click the logo above to join.

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Christmas Build Event

Hail, Adventurers! Welcome to the holliest, jolliest build event yet to hit the Skyforge! Help to spread some Christmas Cheer by joining this event and bringing the wonderful holiday season to Tamriel. The idea this time around is to create a Secret Santa experience for the Elder Scrolls community. All participants will submit a build idea and have them be randomly distributed among all other participants. On Christmas Day, everyone will post what they have come up with and message the person who submmitted the idea they build off of to give everyone a bit of an Elder-Scrolls related Christmas present this year.

Obviously, it is a little bit early to be thinking about Christmas at the time this post is released, but we want to get as many participants as possible to make this event the most fun it can be for everyone who joins. Essentially what will happen is when you participate, you will submit a build idea that later this month will be given to a random participant. This participant will only be given the name of the build idea and the person who submitted it. From there, we're off to the races. On Christmas Day, everyone will post their builds and fire a message to the person who submitted the original build idea. Everyone will get to make a build and receive a build, so we should have some good fun on Christmas Day. 

This event is very open, so idea submissions can be Christmas themes, or not. It's up to the individual submitter what they want to do with it. 


Click here for more info!

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Teams: A Skyrim Character Building Event

Everyone here on the Skyforge seemed to really enjoy our previous “Tales of Tamriel” character building event, so here we are with another one, as promised!

With this one we wanted to answer a fairly simple question: “How will the nature of a character build be affected by making it into a collaborative effort?” In the “Elder Scrolls Teams” event, you’ll discover what teamwork can do for your builds. The builds you’ll create will be done in teams of two (or more than two if you’re feeling ambitious!).

Even more interestingly, there are no other stipulations on what sort of build you and your team can create. The world of the Elder Scrolls is a pretty big one, so you may find it overwhelming to narrow it down to one concept. This is where you’re group comes in! Bounce ideas off of one another, play to each members strengths, and have loads of fun creating a character build that represents several weeks of a team effort.

We are truly looking forward to what comes out of this event. With so few restrictions, the end results will be wildly different. More exciting, though, is that this is an opportunity for some of you who have always wanted to get into building but never knew how. Our veteran builders here on the Forge will be more than willing to group up and help you out. So for those of you who are experienced character builds: enjoy this exciting group event. For those of you who are new: welcome to the world of Skyrim character building, and enjoy!


Click Here to see additional details & sign up!

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New Section for WIP Character Builds

Image result for rough draft

Quite a few folks have been wondering where they might post work in progress builds, and for a long time there was no such section. Since this has become a popular request we've added a new section to the Skyrim Character Building Group for WIP Builds. In the Skyrim CB group check at the top for a tab called rough drafts.

Here's the link to the new section below. 


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Introducing SkyForge TV...

Hey everyone. By now we're sure you've might have noticed the slew of new videos posted in the video section recently. Well recently we started the SkyForge's very own youtube channel to share and promote the countless high quality builds made by you. The channel is only 2 weeks old but its already growing at an incredible pace, and this is just from simple gameplay demos alone. We have a lot of big plans expand the channel to incorporate a much wider variety of content. Everything from build showcases, fallout builds, mod reviews, lore, and more are possible. 

But we couldnt have started this out without the help of some very fine Youtubers, some of whom you may know. BrosisJK, Pixel Arrow Productions, and even BadCompanySarge have lent their knowledge and advice to help get us started, and we cant thank them enough. 

There's lots of opportunities to jump in and assist with this channel. The door is always open to anyone who believes they can contribute to the channel in a positive way. Even if you cant help out directly with the channel, sharing, commenting on, & liking our videos, as well as subscribing to the channel itself is just as valuable. 

Come join the ongoing discussion on our new channel. Whether its critique, advice, praise, or anything we want to hear from you. If you havent already done so please subscribe to our channel!

Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZtneZaHt6ixm0WXc5A4cLw

Discussion - https://theskyforge.ning.com/discussion-forums/site-youtube-channel

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Live Role Play is Back!

For a long while now the Sky’s Haven Live Roleplay group has been mostly dead, but thanks in large part to the efforts of one of our newest members, Prisoner, and our admins Henson and Tae Rai, the group is seeing more activity than ever.  

So if you’ve previously drafted a character sheet but fell off the bandwagon when the group went inactive,  please head back over and see what new adventures and characters await you in Sky’s Haven. 

If you’re new to all this and have no idea what Live roleplaying is, well here are the basics: With Live Roleplay you’re assuming the role of your created character and interacting in real time with the characters of other members. It’s essentially D&D but in a Skyrim setting. If this intrigues you we invite you to come join us and give live roleplaying a try. 


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Character Build Showcase - The Old Orc by Henson

Apologies for the late spotlight this week everyone. The wait however, is well worth it. This week we will be spotlighting Henson’s Old Orc!

“Body is weary. The road has been long. But there is life in these old hands yet...

Hammer is heavier than it used to be, not like the early years. Hammer remembers many faces, the bones broken, the skulls crushed, the blood sprayed. Pain radiates through my fingers, arms sore from battle, scars too many to count. But there is life in these old hands yet...

Tribes will not accept me. Cities cast me out. No one wants an old, beat-down Orc. Wandering the lands to come closer to the Good Death, I seek a champion to release me of my sorrow and shame...

But I cannot go quietly. My Violence and Rage still burn. Warriors, Wizards, Trolls, Abominations, Dragons: let them come! If I shall die, let it be for Honor. Let it be for Prince Malacath. I welcome death if it knocks at my door, but I will meet it with Violence and Rage, for there is life in these old hands yet...”

If you couldn’t already tell from Henson’s writing above, this build is a roleplayer’s wet dream. Perhaps the most powerful and more unique random encounters in Skyrim is the Old Orc and Henson’s rendition embodies this. This is your archetypical in-your-face, skull-crushing, orc warrior.

Feeling worn down from complex glitches, exploits, and crazy set-ups before you can actually start playing your character? Looking for a fun iron-man run? Tired after a long day of work and just looking to pull the trigger and kill some baddies? This is the build for you.

As a true orc, there is a bit of crafting in this build which can be a nice break from cracking skulls and gives you goals as you are scouring Skyrim for a powerful foe to challenge you. Volundrung lets you spam power attacks the entire game which is exactly what you want to be doing as an orcish berserker. The fun part for me is that you continually make the challenge of finding a worthy foe harder as you get better armor and weapons with enchanting and smithing. It’s a really solid and oft-played style but the roleplay and simplicity is exactly what sets the Old Orc apart from the rest of the brutish head-smashers. 

And if this hasn’t convinced you to check out the build, leave a comment or like, then perhaps the Old Orc Rap posted on the build will…

Keep building friends, we’ll be back next week with one of YOUR builds!


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Kaiser here, back again with another Character Build Showcase! This week we will be showcasing one of the incredible Elysium’s infamous cat creations; we will be showcasing The Mane of Elsweyr. As per usual, we will start off with an excerpt from the author herself:

"This build has been a long time coming and I’ve searched for a while for a way to emulate the kind of power that a Mane would have. Since magic in TES comes from the sky (stars, sun, moon), it would almost certainly be magically based, but then it hit me.

The true power of the Twin Moons is unlocked in one of the most underused glitches in Skyrim. First seen in Mason’s Seraphim, the Twin Moons provide their Child with the magical ability and Khajiiti tenacity to unleash powerful displays of magic envied by the greatest sorcerers as he has seemingly endless wells of power. At the same time, he can barely cast a full destruction cloak."

A truly magnificent roleplay build combined with unique, powerful mechanics and equivalent weaknesses. The Mane of Elsweyr utilizes the Concentrated Casting glitch which allows a character to have unlimited magicka whenever casting spells that must be “held down” or concentrated. This however comes at the price of being unable to put any points or other enchantments in magicka meaning that non-concentration spells are very costly.

This is another build with multiple viable playstyles including spellsword, shieldmage, sword and shield, and pure (dual-cast) mage. These playstyles are each incredibly versatile and blend seamlessly creating the ultimate magickal warrior of the moon. A unique skillset including illusion but restricted magicka means that this is one crafty cat. Every spell choice is important and proper strategy is required.

On top of all of this, the Voice of the Mane, a power granted to the Mane of Elsweyr giving him/her 0% shout cooldown. This is a lore-based power adding extra spells and options to the Mane’s toolkit. Plenty of cool abilities and shout combos, 3 satisfying aesthetics, power and restriction, and a wonderful roleplay makes The Mane of Elsweyr a paragon of character build creations—truly a personal favorite of mine.

As always, don’t forget to leave a like and/or comment on the build if you enjoy it.

Next week, it might just be YOUR build that gets featured so keep building friends!


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Welcome everyone to our weekly Character Build Spotlight! Each week we showcase one of the many high quality builds here at the forge.

This week’s showcase is Hircine’s Child byTae-Rai. Hircine’s child is a true hunter; a master of the hunt both in and out of lycan form. Here’s a small extract from Tae-Rai herself:

“Why you came here is unknown but the taste of blood remains on your lips... The need to hunt consumes you, the desire to feel sinew snapping beneath your jaws is becoming impossible to ignore. You are Hircine’s Child and it’s time for you to kill...”

The greatness of this build lies in both it’s simplicity and synergy of both human and lycanthrope forms. Lycanthropy is an extension of human form –they are not separate. Each is a hunter with a desire for blood. In human form, the methods are more shadowy while the werewolf contains the berserker.

Hircine’s Child’s skillset allows for multiple combat styles. Archery and Conjuration allow for the character to hunt from the shadows of the forest, sniping enemies and raising their bodies to do their bidding. In close combat the Child’s ferocity is unleashed in a flurry of dual-wielding attacks. The third part of the trinity is of course the brutish nature of werewolf form allowing you overpower and overwhelm multiple opponents.

Perhaps the most fun part of the build is the Cursed Ring of Hircine. As most of you probably know, this makes werewolf transformations random and also makes it possible for form changes to occur multiple times a day. This makes you truly feel the power as one moment you could be buying ore for smithing before transforming into the beast and being forced to murder the town. A truly exhilarating roleplay experience that will keep you on your toes. This build is certainly worth a look!

As always, make sure you check out the build and leave a like if you enjoyed it. Comments are always appreciated and tune in next week for another great character build!

AND KEEP BUILDING folks! It just might be your build that gets featured next…

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Hello and welcome once again to our weekly Character Build Showcase, where we take a look at some of the high quality builds that you can find within the Skyrim Character Build Group.

This weeks showcase we're presenting the Arcane Architect by DocPGB, arguably one of the most unique mage builds you can find on the Forge. As always to get you interested here is an excerpt written by DocPGB from the built itself:

“Hailing from a small nomadic Redguard tribe, the Warrior-Priests of Ish’ahl were once renowned mercenaries employed against arcane outlaws. They could bend sand to form projections during combat and owed this technique to the enemies of their ancestors, known as Left-Handed Elves. However, like their sibling-tribe the Ash’abah, they were ostracized by Redguard society for their use of Magic, and only employed as a last resort.

What makes the Arcane Architect so unique? The answer to that is a special set of items called 'Do Not Delete' boxes. Theyre a special item players aren't inherently meant to find that when dropped float in space. These act as the magical sand constructs the Arcane Architect is able to to create at will and they come with many uses like creating standing platforms in mid air or obstructing your enemy's path. 

The anime fans here may have picked up that this build is based off of Scar from the Full Metal Alchemist series. It isnt easy translating special powers from non Elder Scrolls sources into Skyrim given the game's limitations.. Despite the challenge Doc has done an excellent job translating and integrating the abilities and backstory of his chosen source material into the game. 

As always check out the build and leave a like and a comment on the build if you enjoyed reading or playing it. Tune in next week for the next character build show case. 

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Hello and welcome once again to our weekly Character Build Showcase, where we take a look at some of the high quality builds that you can find within the Skyrim Character Build Group.

This weeks showcase we're presenting the Morag Tong Assassin by Histcarp, and always to get you interested here is an excerpt written by Histcarp from the built itself:

The Morag Tong Assassin is a versatile and deadly assassin, skilled in multiple forms of combat and elimination. A master of martial prowess, sharpshooting, resourcefulness and arcane skill. Her diverse array of training leaves no obstacle in her way.

No doubt many of you have seen more than your fair share of stealthy Morag Tong builds, but Histcarp's rendition of this ever popular character build theme stands out from the rest. 

The Morag Tong Assassin is capable of far more than just silent kills, boasting a wide array of options for cold calculated elimination. Versatility is the name of the game here, and unlike most assassin builds the Morag Tong Agent is just as capable of fighting her enemies head on as she is at dispatching them silently. 

If you're still not convinced that this is THE assassin build to play then we've got a video by our good friend PCOutcast to give you a taste of what this build is capable of:

As always, go check this build out and check back soon for another Character Build Showcase. Keep on building and it may just be your build we feature next! 

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Hello folks and welcome once again to our weekly Character Build Showcase, where we take a look at some of the high quality builds that you can find within the Skyrim Character Build Group.

For this weeks showcase we've got a lovely, sultry treat for you all by Curse Never Dying and Tae-Rai called the Lusty Argonian Maid. As always, to arouse your interests here's an excerpt from the build itself:

One of the most interesting challenges of bringing what was originally a joke build (because that’s how all the best builds start) to life in Skyrim was deciding what archetype fit the Lusty Argonian Maid best. Sure, there's plenty of suggestive references to spears in the books, but we just couldn't imagine Lifts-Her-Tail swinging around a hefty, blood stained pole-arm and getting up close and personal against Skyrim’s toughest bruisers.

With that being said, our rendition of the Lusty Argonian Maid is a seductive and charming maid by day and daring master thief by night. With nothing but her wits and charm our lusty lizard is constantly a step ahead of both her enemies and admirers. And really, who can honestly bring themselves to fight back against such a beautiful maiden, hmm?

Curse and Tae put together a thoroughly enjoyable thief build, and the best elements of both their works are in this build. The Lusty Argonian Maid is a seductive and charming maid by day and daring master thief by night. With nothing but her wits and charm this lusty lizard is constantly a step ahead of both her enemies and admirers.

Charm is the name of this lizard's game and with that come some unique mechanics that set this thief build apart from all the others. Illusions are used to calm and sooth her marks, allowing Lifts-Her-Tail to walk away with everything of value all the while witnesses to her larceny are left too enthralled to try and stop her. 

Speech is the cornerstone of this build and it proves itself to be far valuable than just a means of sweet talking the guards. Perhaps Speech's greatest strength is eliminating the need for crafting. Stores sell powerful items you'd normally need to heavily invest in crafting to compete with, or a metric ton of cash. But with speech Lifts-Her-Tail need only sweet talk the shop keepers into practically giving them to her for free. 

As always, go check this build out and check back soon for another Character Build Showcase. Keep on building and it may just be your build we feature next! 



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Character Build Showcase - The Nightguard By Ponty

Welcome to this week's Character Build Showcase, where we take a look at some of the high quality builds that you can find within the Character Build Group.

For this weeks showcase we've chosen an awesome classic by Ponty entitled the The Nightguard. As always, to pique your interests here's an excerpt from the build itself:

The Nightguard is a powerful ancient vampire who has overcome his bloodthirst and instead uses his powers to protect the people of Tamriel. He is skilled in the use of arms, armor, and shields, as well as the art of stealth. He is also able to heal himself, in addition to creating, upgrading and enchanting high quality arms and armor.

In this humanoid form, he's a skilled assassin and warrior, and can transform into a Vampire Lord to gain access to powerful magic powers, including life drain, telekinesis, necromancy, and summoning. With the powers of both his humanoid and Vampire Lord form combined, he's able to achieve almost any objective with ease.

Ponty's Nightguard sets itself apart from other vampire builds in so many ways. Where as just about every vampire build you see falls under one evil alignment or another, the Nightguard is a good guy with a bit of a dark side. 

The Nightguard is a well rounded build that utlizes two forms which compliment one another quite nicely. In humanoid form the Nightguard is a stealthy heavy armored fighter capable of quickly closing in on his enemies to deliver heavy damage. In his vampire lord form the Nightguard possesses an arsenal of dark magicks which allow him to obliterate his enemies from afar. 

So go check this build out and check back soon for another Character Build Showcase. Keep on building and it may just be your build we feature next!

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Character Build Showcase - The Ceya-Tar by Henson

Welcome to this week's Character Build Showcase, where we take a look at some of the high quality builds that you can find within the Character Build Group.

For this weeks showcase we've chosen an amazing build by Henson entitled the The Ceya-Tar, and as always, to pique your interests here's an excerpt from the build itself:

The Ceya-Tar is not the character's name, but a myth. In taking this name, my character's journey brings him into the depths of darkness only to realize there is light in the darkest corners of the world capable of destroying with great power but also saving the ones that he holds dear. A Bosmer from Valenwood, this Ceya-Tar travels through harsh deserts and treacherous terrain to come to a location that was once witness to one of the most powerful mages that ever lived: Azra Nightwielder.

Azra Nightwielder realized that in shadows lied the possibility of infinite worlds spanning across infinite dimensions and planes of existence. In reading this, I wanted to create a character that had no infinite power of super-crafted gear. I wanted to create a representation of this magic using a simple mage that has the ability of control.

Deep exploration into Elder Scrolls lore is a staple of many of Henson's builds, and the Ceya-Tar is no different. The Ceya-Tar explores the concept of shadow magic, a strange power famously wielded by the mage Azra Nightwielder. Following in Nightwielder's footsteps, the Ceya-Tar embarks on a long quest to master shadow magic and use its vast power for good. 

Shadow magic is arguably among the most fascinating elements of Elder Scrolls lore. Little is known of it, but its power is said to rival that of the Elder Scrolls themselves, and that's no overstatement. Controlling minds, altering reality, and even merging with oneself across infinite timelines are all aspects of shadow magic explored in this build. If you're a lore enthusiast particularly interested in the more esoteric aspects of Elder Scrolls lore, stop what you're doing and check this build out!

Give this build a look and check back soon for another Character Build Showcase. Keep on building and it may just be your build we feature next!


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Tales of Tamriel - A Character Building Event

Hello and welcome to the first of hopefully many character building events to come! With this event I wanted to try and tick as many boxes as I could and 'Tales of Tamriel' is certainly going to be one for the most creative among us. We'll be taking a dive through the many wonderous books one may find throughout Tamriel and translating the amazing characters and stories within into character builds.

Maybe you want to see what kind of mischief Lifts-Her-Tail would get herself into in Skyrim, perhaps the infamous Queen Potema has somehow made her return to Nirn to torment her subjects, even passages from a skill book found at the bottom of a crypt could contain the foundation for an amazing character!

If you're willing to participate, 'Tales of Tamriel'' is going to take you on a pretty nice journey. Nearly everyone has read or at least skimmed through a book or two and found a character or story that piqued their interests, and for this even we'll be bringing those characters and stories to life.

There are very few limits on the character that you choose to make. The only stipulation is that your character build must be relevant to the story that inspired its creation either by way of gameplay or roleplay. 

Even if Skyrim is the only Elder Scrolls game you have ever played their is still a huge resource of amazing books for you to choose from. For those that have played previous Elder Scrolls games you should have very few problems making a selection. The games are all rich with fantastic stories. 


For details regarding rules for this event click here!

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