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TES Profile: Sh'Zirah

Name: Sh'Zirah, or more commonly Zirah

Age: Mid 30s

Race: Khajiit

Sex: Female

Skills: Deadly with daggers and bows. Mild talent with illusion magic. Strong affinity for light armor crafting and alchemy.

Appearance: Small but very muscular, light grey fur

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TES Profile: Manurron Tuas

Manurron Tuas

Sex: Male

Race: Bosmer

Class: Hunter/Archer

Gear: Zelevar's Bow; Leather Armor; Hood

Personality: Distrusting, Conflicted, Judging

Age: 32

Residence: Nomadic


Faction: None

Family: Cerlinna Tuas (Mother, Deceased); Zelevar Tuas (Father,

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TES Profile: Ghorhon Nazhok

Ghorhon Nazhok

Name: Ghorhon Nazhok

Sex: M

Region: Cyrodiil

Race: Orc

Age: 31

Body Shape: Tall and fit

Faith: Molag Bal worshiper

Occupation: Bounty Hunter/ Mercenary/ Hunter

Personality: Brooding, Easily Annoyed, Willing to put up with most of things if ther

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TES Online Chronicle: Arabelle Lelion

'Sup all? Welcome to my first and probably only TES Chronicle, as this one will take a long long time to finish. In fact, it might never even be finished! That's because this chroincle is for a character in The Elder Scrolls Online, an Elder Scrolls

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TES Profile: Fevrien Darayoni

Character name: Fevrien Darayoni

Sex: Male

Race: Dark elf

Age: Early forties



Weapons/Armor: Chitin armor, Chitin boots, Chitin gauntlets, Apprentice hood, Elven battleaxe 

Religion: Follower of the Reclamations

Profession: Sellsword 


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