Gods & Mortals - A Skyrim Character Building Contest


Well its been long overdue but its finally here! The much anticipated 4th Skyrim Character Building contest is live. With that we're proud to present...

The Elder Scrolls: Gods and Mortals

For this contest we wanted to try our hand at a theme revolving around the many higher beings found in The Elder Scrolls while granting contestants as much freedom as possible, and with gods of all kind being the center focus, this contest will grant contestants more freedom than they've ever had before. In this contest we'll be exploring the connections shared between mortal kind and the many gods which inhabit the Aurbis.

There are no limits or restrictions on the skills, mods or equipment you may use. Use whatever you want. BUT your entry must revolve around one or more deities within TES. The Elder Scrolls series is rich with a multitude of god like figures for you to work with - and you're by no means limited to simply the Divines or the Dardric Princes. Any higher being within the TES universe - anything from Sithis to even Mannimarco - is fair game.  Your character is by no means limited to simply being a champion acting on behalf of your chosen deities either. So long as your chosen deity remains the centerpiece of your build in some capacity you're free to do whatever. Your only real limitation is your imagination.  You may work in teams of no more than 3 people total. 

Once the competition closes, a panel of judges (see below) will judge each submitted build based on the criteria below and announce the winners! Here are the prizes…





First Place - Gold

  • $30 Dollars in game credits for the system of your choice (Steam, PSN, Xbox)
  • Your build prominently featured on the front page
  • Exclusive access to the judging panel of the next contest (only if not participating in said contest)
  • Input into the theme of the next Skyrim character build contest
  • "Contest Gold" tag for the submitted build
  • Your soul claimed for eternity by a Daedric Prince of your choosing.

 Second Place - Silver

  • $10 Dollars in game credits for the system of your choice (Steam, PSN, Xbox)
  • Your build prominently featured on the front page
  • "Contest Silver" tag for the submitted build!

 Third Place - Bronze

  • Your build prominently featured on the front page
  • "Contest Bronze" tag for the submitted build!


- Rules & guidelines -

  1. You may work on your own or in a team of up to 3. (Note however the prize will be split among the team) You can come up with a team name if you like!
  2. Only 1 build may be entered per contestant/team.
  3. Please list which diety or dieties your build will focus on.
  4. Teams may register on this thread and submit a build at any time prior to the cut off date of October 31 2020 After this date Registrations will then close and the panel will judge the entries.
  5. Submitted builds must include a "Contest4" tag so we can find them
  6. Winners will be announced on the  15th of November


- The Panel -

             Furrion17 - Matt Feeney - Ponty

- The Criteria (Please click for expanded view) -             7879971892?profile=RESIZE_710x

- The Contestants - 

  1. Asyleph - Akatosh
  2. Chris Diokno - Reymon Ebonarm
  3. Avi - Satakal
  4. Lissette - Ideal Masters
  5. Delta Fox - Molag Bal/Arkay
  6. Shainos - All Maker
  7. Kruger - Umbra' Keth
  8. Telby - Nocturnal
  9. ye4thorn - Ideal Masters
  10. Ramses - Kyne/Malacath
  11. Erinoth & Kendrix - TBD
  12. Cannon - Mara
  13. NomadDash - Orkey
  14. ShadowKihn - Wilderking
  15. Netherman - Molag Bal
  16. DiabloSaint - Beoethia


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      • There should definetly be a Preston Garvey build for Skyrim. Would go nice with the Helgen Reborn mod.

  • Let's say my build focuses around a specific character and not exactly a deity, but Akatosh is closely tied to their lore, does that count? If so, sign me up for Akatosh. If not, I will go back to the drawing board.

    • If Akatosh is closely tied to the build its fine. Thats what were looking for. 

  • Count me in, bois.

    • Which god figure will your build focus on?

      • You know what, I'd love to know that, too.

        (Kynareth/Kyne or Malacath)


        • Sorry, wanted to clear that up more: my build will focus on Kyne (not Kynareth) & Malacath. Goooooooood luck to everyone!

  • Alright, haven't done a Skyrim build since 2017.

    Put me up there, my build will be called The Reject of Molag Bal.

  • I'm busy polishing the WitchHunter and working on my Purified and Prince of Ashes build to start such project alone. Nevertheless i gladly offer to team up with anyone interested.

    Send me a pm if you feel i could be of any help. I would gladly participate in brainstorming regarding concept, backstory, build and gameplay.

  • Mmm, the Ebonarm/Leki combo ain't quite working out. Mind if I switch it out for The Three Old Gods (IE the totemic Fox, Wolf, and Bear), plus some Hircine?

This reply was deleted.