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Event Build: Santa Claws

Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season. Welcome to my entry to the Secret Santa Event. I was assigned FordFalcon’s Santa Claws build. The idea recommended an Unarmed Khajiit. Without further adieu, here’s my holiday event build.



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3 Replies · Reply by Lee Jul 22, 2019

Event Build: The Visha Kanya

Greetings and salutations everypony. Welcome to my first of two builds for the Teams Event here on the Forge! Alongside Lee, welcome to an Assassin focused less on killing those in her way, and focusing in on her targets, and with a mixture of seduct

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3 Replies · Reply by Lee Jul 24, 2019

Character Build: KoTN - The Rune Master

Hey guys, welcome to my second installment of the KoTN series. This time, I had focused upon the Dunmer. I found the Dunmer quite interesting in the way, they deal with their dead - instead of burying them like most races, they burn them to ashes.

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5 Replies · Reply by Curse Dec 16, 2018

Character Build: The Hulkynd

I love playing characters that buck their racial stereotypes. The inspiration for my second build (thanks, BTW, for the positive response to my first one) was a bit player in the Summerset chapter of ESO—one of many high elves that are exiled from Al

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16 Replies · Reply by Dr. Long-Chapper Sep 2, 2020

Character Build: The Crusader

I don't know how you people do it, but somehow I've been convinced into ordering another copy of Skyrim. And with my final exams nearly out of the way, while I wait for Skyrim to arrive, I thought it would only be right for me to repost my first buil

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34 Replies · Reply by Lee Jul 20, 2019

Character Build: Queen of the Axe

Hey guys, its been awhile. I have been gone for a long time due to reasons. A while ago, I came across a book found in Skyrim by the name 'The Third Door' and wanted to recreate the main character or at least a descendant of the character, while crea

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46 Replies · Reply by Lee Oct 3, 2018

Character Build: The Titan


The Titan

Quick, think of the worst weapon in the game. Did you come up with the Rueful Axe? I certainly did. Seriously, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this weapon. Pros: its base damage is good (same amount as the Glass Battleaxe), it’s

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3 Replies · Reply by Aysleph Jan 5, 2018

Character Build: The Poisoner


The Poisoner

When someone brings up the subject of poison in Skyrim, they’re usually talking about the harmful concoctions that you can make via Alchemy. The reality is, however, that there is a wide variety of options for poison damage in Skyrim. T

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3 Replies · Reply by Lee Jul 22, 2019

Character Build: The Dagger Duelist


The Dagger Duelist

Plenty of builds utilize daggers, but almost all the ones that do either use them for sneak attacks with Assassin’s Blade or dual-wield them. The Dagger Duelist does neither, opting for skillful usage of a single dagger in melee c

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