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Character Build: The Abyssherald

Call of Cthulhu' Shows We Need to Move Past H.P. Lovecraft Once and for All

"Sate your thirst for knowledge in the endless stacks of my library."

Hermaeus Mora



Tscaern left Blackmarsh decades ago, in search of knowledge... The darkest secrets are the most useful. It was in the Sea of Ghost that he settled... A gla

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Event Build: Captain Stats

10252698878?profile=RESIZE_710xNanananananananananananananananananananananananananananananananananananananananananananana Stats, man

A former High Elf Thalmor that became a pirate Captain after getting hit in the head. Now in need of treasure, drinks and a crew, a clear improvemen

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Character Build: The Regulator

The Internet has seen some attempts at making unarmed combat viable, and a few have even found success. This, however, was the first build out there (to my knowledge - originally posted several years ago) to do so without the aid of looping and/or st

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