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The Way of the Voice(s)



Skyrim features a silent protagonist at launch, but it's almost 9 years since 11/11/11. Surely, I cannot be the only one dissatisfied with the unsettling silence accompanying every dialogue choice. Even worse since we're roleplayers! We play charact

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3 Replies · Reply by Ponty Dec 28, 2019

What Moral Alignment Are You?


One thing you'll inevitably have to put thought into whenever you create a character is their moral alignment, the critical component of their personality that dictates how they interact with and perceive the world around them.  So what moral align

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45 Replies · Reply by Jarlivar Sep 5, 2019

TES Profile: Samara Maeryn



"You'd be surprised at the places a scared little girl can reach just to run away from the monster under her bed."

Basic Information


Name: Samara Maeryn

Aliases/Nicknames: Sam 'the Seeker', Arch-Mage, Sammy the Frog-eyed, The Summoner of Hjerim


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5 Replies · Reply by SecondHandGamer Jul 13, 2019

Roleplay Guide: The Pirate

Hello everypony, RP host Chris Diokno here. I’ve decided to give a bit more back to the group. With that, I’m gonna show you how to RP the thing people love to pit against Ninjas. And no, that isn’t creepy snakelike pedophiles voiced by Steve Blum, i

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TES Profile: Sadatu

Hey All, this is just a fun little character I made. He also is the main character of a book/story I might be writing. Enjoy.


Name: Sadatu

Race" Redguard

Sex: Male

Age: 39

Date of Birth: 165 4E

Place of Birth: The Imperial City

Height: 5' 8"

Weight: 150


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Non Dragonborn Roleplay.

What are the best ways to play a character who is not a Dragonborn?

My greatest issue is finding things to do outside of the main quest and DLC quest lines. I feel like most quests wrap up too quickly to be worth building a character around. Not only

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5 Replies · Reply by Curse Feb 4, 2019

TES Character Profile: Zenoya

  • Hey y'all!

I'm back with another character profile! This particular one I've been playing with awhile but I decided to write her up for roleplay purposes. I might be working on a story that involves her too. Oops. I'm excited to get to roleplay with h

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11 Replies · Reply by Curse Dec 19, 2018