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Character Snapshots


Greetings, sera. Plenty of us have gone in-depth when creating our characters, whether they be for Character Builds or for our own personal leisure. And perhaps you want a chance to be able to share that character you've created. But some of us just

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Roleplay Help Desk


          Greetings, sera. Blackblood here. Got some hard questions on how to play your sellsword character? Wanna know how to make your Lawful Good hero more interesting? Confused on whether or not a dragonborn would do x, y or z? Well you've come t

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TES Profile: Mikke Black-Heart



"There once was a maiden so fair and full of bliss, and that maiden is the girl reading this."


Basic Information

iioP7KjqBSZD8g90TzjeE1_XonbkLfcTYINYFX2HcQYn3FUXB5ePB6zkkERxjcJ6wBdj_94TSgqqb7FJHLRoIhabRF0Y2YSeQLt9fJ-nhttbvJVvfehTzK2NYU5PyKNEg0u3RCatName. Mikke Black-Heart

Aliases/Nicknames. Mick, Mickey, Demlar Ovingian (pseudonym in Thalmor territory)

Gender. Male

Race/Ethnicity. Cyrod

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