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Fallout Profile: The Ghoul

Fallout Profile: The Ghoul



My name is Aleksi Gerasimov. Soldier in a long destroyed army, husband to a long dead wife, vessel to a long gone soul. Born on 1st of October 2051., I joined the Red Army and soon became an intelligence officer wi

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Skyrim Isekai

One busy Friday afternoon, on the 17th of August 2022, I was rushing to get back to work following lunch when I notice this little girl playing with her rubber ball on the street. She couldn’t be no more than 5 years old. Suddenly, she accidently flu

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Roleplay Help Desk


          Greetings, sera. Blackblood here. Got some hard questions on how to play your sellsword character? Wanna know how to make your Lawful Good hero more interesting? Confused on whether or not a dragonborn would do x, y or z? Well you've come t

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Character Snapshots


Greetings, sera. Plenty of us have gone in-depth when creating our characters, whether they be for Character Builds or for our own personal leisure. And perhaps you want a chance to be able to share that character you've created. But some of us just

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Roleplaying Templates

Below are two templates used for roleplay profiles, one for TES and the other for Fallout. These are simply guides, you can modify your own profiles however you choose or even disregard these if you want to do your own thing. Most of the information

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TES Profile: Mikke Black-Heart



"There once was a maiden so fair and full of bliss, and that maiden is the girl reading this."


Basic Information

iioP7KjqBSZD8g90TzjeE1_XonbkLfcTYINYFX2HcQYn3FUXB5ePB6zkkERxjcJ6wBdj_94TSgqqb7FJHLRoIhabRF0Y2YSeQLt9fJ-nhttbvJVvfehTzK2NYU5PyKNEg0u3RCatName. Mikke Black-Heart

Aliases/Nicknames. Mick, Mickey, Demlar Ovingian (pseudonym in Thalmor territory)

Gender. Male

Race/Ethnicity. Cyrod

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TES Character Profile: Steps-Through-Portals

Hey guys! For awhile now I’ve been wanting and meaning to do an RP Profile on a character soon to appear in Shades of Oblivion, as well as being apart of the Rise of an Empire Discord server.



Name: Steps-Through-Portals

Alias(es): “Steps” (to clo

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