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Character Build Showcase: The Black Dragon


14275539?profile=RESIZE_710xHello and welcome back to another weekly build showcase! In these showcase’s we take a build that is a stellar example of what the site has to offer and feature it prominently on the homepage for a week. You never know when it might be your own in the spotlight! Last week we had JustJam’s terrifyingly amazing Rotting Beast, an Argonian who is adept at making all things associated with poison and disease work in beautiful synergy to make for a real powerhouse of debilitations. This week we are taking to the shadows with Avispon’s Black Dragon, based off of ESO's Lyra Viria. With some serious skills in subterfuge and plenty of enticing ways to approach combat The Black Dragon promises for both an awesome and diverse playthrough. The build also boasts one of the most impressive and natural story arcs I’ve seen in a while. Here is a snippet of what you can expect from the build….


Lyra is the main antagonist in the Elder Scrolls Online Dark Brotherhood storyline. Without spoiling the entire story, she at one point served the Dark Brotherhood as a Silencer, and later betrayed the Family as the Black Dragon—the First Sword and right hand of a corrupt priest of Akatosh. Eventually she abandoned Akatosh as well, and when if the player defeats her, her soul is hauled off to the Void. For reference she appears in two in-game journals, her own (The Black Dragon’s Journal) and that of her erstwhile Brother, Green-Venom-Tongue (Venom’s Sanctuary Marginalia) 

The chaos of the 4th Era threatens Sithis and Akatosh, and their influence on Mundus, as much as it does Skyrim’s people. This playthrough assumes that these gods strike desperate bargains with Lyra, who was once a powerful avatar for both of them. She accepts their quests, but her former experiences have left her wary of trusting blindly in gods or their proxies. She seeks redemption but also freedom and independence from Sithis, Akatosh and the shackles of any Tamrielic religion. 

Is she up to fulfilling their tasks? Will she succumb to the same weaknesses that once led her astray, or will she find a new resolve and achieve true freedom?


Lyra's mastery of her various skills, combined with the power of her enchantments, opens up new avenues for combat. She is more capable in each discipline, and also learns to combine those disciplines in creative ways. I forced myself back into stealth mode every so often to keep things diverse, but eventually Lyra had no need for the shadows and could tussle with anyone and anything in the game.


Dawnbreaker of Smiting: Regular Attack, Forward Power Attack, Sideways Power Attack, Varied Attacks.

All one-handed perks come together in this deadly maneuver. Lyra's regular attack boosts subsequent power attack damage (Cross Cut), her forward power attack sets the enemy bleeding (Falling Sword), her sideways power attack knocks the enemy back (Windswept), and if they are not already dead, their low health and bleed state will cause her next attacks to do massive damage (Falling Sword). Takes a bit of practice. Use of the actual Dawnbreaker sword against the undead is optional, but extremely satisfying.

Forward Momentum: Survival Instinct & Tempting Fate Perks, Dodged Power Attack, Slow Time (one word).

This is a cousin of the beloved Quick Reflexes / Slow Time glitch. By dodging a power attack while activating Slow Time, you will be 30% faster while everyone else slows down. You are channeling Akatosh's time mastery to create a wide speed differential between you and your enemies for a short window of opportunity.

Ritual of Retribution: Warrior’s Flame Perk, Related Perks.

As noted above. You merely need to be present and this "move" will occur on its own. With all of the restoration perks listed, Lyra will randomly (and with fair frequency) become nearly unstoppable for 10-second chunks of time, while sapping her enemies’ strength and straight up roasting the undead.

Eye of the Storm: Shadowbond, 3x Lightning Rune, Any Ranged Attack.

Lyra combines the stealth of Sithis with the power of Akatosh with this attack. Shadowbond turns you and an enemy invisible, and when you break that invisibility you swap places with that enemy. Cast three runes from stealth at your feet, then cast Shadowbond, then break stealth however you wish. You will appear where your enemy was, and he or she will appear on top of your runes and, as they say, will get rekt. Combined with Demolition Job, few enemies can survive this. Fortunately for game balance, this move is a pain to set up, so you won’t be tempted to use it that often.  


If a hardy resourceful Nightblade is up your alley, look no further, you’ve found one of the best! Avispon has done a very awesome job with this character – particularly for their first foray into character building, so pop on over and give The Black Dragon a like and a read, and be sure to tell Avispon your thoughts. And so, we come to the end, thank you for checking out this week’s build showcase and keep an eye open next week because your build could be up next!

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Hey guys, welcome back to another Character Build Showcase, where we prominently feature a Build on the Home Page. It could be any Build, even yours. In last week's post, we had my own Lazareth the Risen, a Necromancer who for reasons unknown works to the main goal of all Necromancers - Lichdom - with a major focus on roleplay and personal objectives. This week, we decicded to feature a build, who perverts the natural order and focuses on the decaying energies of it. The Rotting Beast by JustJam! Here's a quick taste from the Build to give you an idea what it's all about.


"She came to me that night as I lay rotting in the swamps, the hackwings circling above. Her words were the maggots eating away dead flesh from my wounds, the pus forming to fight my infection. She spoke the truths I was too afraid to see.

Perhaps there was a time when the Hist was good for us. A time before our race were used as common slaves. A time before we were taken from our own homes, growing old knowing nothing but chains and punishments. The Hist did nothing but watch. It’s only act? To protect itself from Oblivion, from the invading force. I see through it- we are no freer than under the Dunmer."

The Rotting Beast is truly devastating character, focusing on having summons and debilitating poisons - but not from the Alchemy tree. Using Ordinator as well as Wintersun - as a cherry on top - JustJam uses several Perks from Light Armor, Restoration and Conjuration as well as passives granted from Wintersun. All centered around decaying poisons and massive DoT in a short time. Some of the perks used (to give you an idea) are:

Hissing Dragon - You may choose a damage type (fire, frost, shock, poison, disease or sun). Unarmed attacks unleash a shockwave that deals the chosen damage type to all targets in front of you. Requires two free hands. Does not activate while sneaking.
   -From the Light Armor tree in Ordinator (The Rotting Beast chooses Poison obviously)

Plague Doctor - Radiate a zone of pestilent death that reduces the poison and disease resistance of enemies approaching within 40 feet by 50% for 30 seconds.
   -From the Restoration skill tree in Ordinator

A Plague Upon Thee - If a reanimated undead is destroyed within 20 seconds, the attacker is stricken with a Daedric disease that deals 40 damage per second for 20 seconds. Those who have this perk are immune.
   -From the Conjuration tree in Ordinator

From those still wondering - synergy is the name of the game - and JustJam does it beautifully. If this entices you at all, even to read JustJam's Build, we highly recommend it - and it's JustJam's first Build as well. Don't forget to leave a comment and a like on the Rotting Beast as well.

We'll continue these Showcases next week, and who knows who's build will be showcased next. It could just as well be yours featured on the Home Page of the Sky Forge! So keep on building guys!

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Character Build Showcase - Lazareth the Risen

3400919484?profile=RESIZE_710xHail, adventurers! In case you missed it last week, we've got the Character Build Showcase series back up and running. In last week's post we highlighted an amazing build that focused on hunting down mages with a fiery passion while avoiding any use of the foul arcane arts. This week we're featuring a character that is precisely the sort of mage that Shadon's Mage Hunter would have liked to snuff out. Lazareth the Risen by Lee Fiskillis Carpenter! Here's a quick excerpt from the build to give you an idea of what its all about. 

Many Necromancers believe that achieving the state of Lichdom is the ultimate goal of Necromancy. Very few Necromancers have succeeded in becoming a Lich. Ascending to Lichdom is an extremely risky endeavour, and it is unique in some ways to each Necromancer who attempts it. There is only one known path which is somewhat well-known but most of the details are well hidden.

Lazareth is a truly dastardly character, with a major focus on impressive roleplaying and personal objectives. Not only is he himself an accomplished Necromancer, but he is capable of hunting down and destroying any other necromancers who might seek to oppose him with brutal efficiency. He makes effective use out of both the Ritual and Atronach Stones, allowing him to both raise his own armies of undead and counter those of his dangerous contemporaries. 

This build features not only cool gameplay mechanics, but very deep multi-stage style of roleplaying reminiscent of something like the Alchemist's Apotheosis from BlackBlood. Lazareth begins his journey as any other necromancer (albiet a skilled one) and embarks on a quest that leads him down the dark road toward Lichdom. From there, you can enjoy god-like gameplay featuring insanely strong Thralls, armies of undead, and icey magick colder than the hands of Death himself. 

If any of this interests you, please click the link above and give it a read. Although it is a bit of a long one, its worth every second of your time that you can spare. With everything from trickery of Daedric Princes to betraying loyal followers and raising armies of undead, this is the ultimate necromancer playthrough for anyone who has been looking to get into that archetype while also getting a fresh experience.

This is a terribly underrated build, so please don't forget to leave a like and a comment if you do get the time to drop by. 

We'll be continuing this series of highlights next week, and who knows? YOUR build might be featured here on the front page! We've got such a creative community here with a lot to offer, so keep building adventurers! Glory awaits!

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Character Build Showcase - The Mage Hunter


Hey guys, after a long hiatus we're back again with more Character Build Showcases! For those of you not familiar each week we'll be prominently featuring a build on the home page. It could be any build. It could even be your build! But for now lets get down to business. This week's feature build has been the talk of the town in our Discord channel and its the Mage Hunter by Shadon! As is tradition at this point we'll start this showcase off with an excerpt from the author himself.  

"This is my first-ever build that I've posted anywhere, so I wanted to keep things simple. Like, really simple. So simple in fact, that things got back to complicated. I had noticed that the majority of witchhunter builds ended up using a ton of magic to fight magic, in a become-the-thing-you-hate-most sort of way, and while I'm a sucker for irony, I wanted to try out something I had never done before: a no-magic build. The Mage Hunter is thoroughly disgusted by magic, and will avoid it whenever possible, including spells, enchanted gear, and potions. This highly-aggressive approach against magic brought with it a few problems, which I had to delve into an often-neglected aspect of the game to overcome "

The Mage Hunter isnt your typical witch hunter. Whereas most witch hunters use magick to fight magick the Mage Hunter casts aside any and all magickal spells and augmentations, and comes at his spell slinging foes with martial prowess more formidable than any spell they can throw at him. 

The perk overhaul Ordinator features a number of defensive perks that mitigate or even nullify enemy magick. All of which are accessible to and make sense for a character who refuses to use magick of any kind. The Mage Hunter takes advantage of all of these perks and is a deadly adversary to any mage. In lieu of potions to heal the Mage Hunter uses the often neglected cooking system to craft health and stamina restoring meals. 

Much props goes to Shadon for creating such a fun and interesting build on his first attempt. The Mage Hunter presents both a fun, unique challenge and a clever new take on a classic Elder Scrolls archetype. If you haven't checked it out already click the link above to check out the Mage Hunter. 

As always, don’t forget to leave a like and/or comment on the build if you enjoy it.

Next week, it might just be YOUR build that gets featured so keep building friends!


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Character Build Showcase - The Old Orc by Henson

Apologies for the late spotlight this week everyone. The wait however, is well worth it. This week we will be spotlighting Henson’s Old Orc!

“Body is weary. The road has been long. But there is life in these old hands yet...

Hammer is heavier than it used to be, not like the early years. Hammer remembers many faces, the bones broken, the skulls crushed, the blood sprayed. Pain radiates through my fingers, arms sore from battle, scars too many to count. But there is life in these old hands yet...

Tribes will not accept me. Cities cast me out. No one wants an old, beat-down Orc. Wandering the lands to come closer to the Good Death, I seek a champion to release me of my sorrow and shame...

But I cannot go quietly. My Violence and Rage still burn. Warriors, Wizards, Trolls, Abominations, Dragons: let them come! If I shall die, let it be for Honor. Let it be for Prince Malacath. I welcome death if it knocks at my door, but I will meet it with Violence and Rage, for there is life in these old hands yet...”

If you couldn’t already tell from Henson’s writing above, this build is a roleplayer’s wet dream. Perhaps the most powerful and more unique random encounters in Skyrim is the Old Orc and Henson’s rendition embodies this. This is your archetypical in-your-face, skull-crushing, orc warrior.

Feeling worn down from complex glitches, exploits, and crazy set-ups before you can actually start playing your character? Looking for a fun iron-man run? Tired after a long day of work and just looking to pull the trigger and kill some baddies? This is the build for you.

As a true orc, there is a bit of crafting in this build which can be a nice break from cracking skulls and gives you goals as you are scouring Skyrim for a powerful foe to challenge you. Volundrung lets you spam power attacks the entire game which is exactly what you want to be doing as an orcish berserker. The fun part for me is that you continually make the challenge of finding a worthy foe harder as you get better armor and weapons with enchanting and smithing. It’s a really solid and oft-played style but the roleplay and simplicity is exactly what sets the Old Orc apart from the rest of the brutish head-smashers. 

And if this hasn’t convinced you to check out the build, leave a comment or like, then perhaps the Old Orc Rap posted on the build will…

Keep building friends, we’ll be back next week with one of YOUR builds!


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Kaiser here, back again with another Character Build Showcase! This week we will be showcasing one of the incredible Elysium’s infamous cat creations; we will be showcasing The Mane of Elsweyr. As per usual, we will start off with an excerpt from the author herself:

"This build has been a long time coming and I’ve searched for a while for a way to emulate the kind of power that a Mane would have. Since magic in TES comes from the sky (stars, sun, moon), it would almost certainly be magically based, but then it hit me.

The true power of the Twin Moons is unlocked in one of the most underused glitches in Skyrim. First seen in Mason’s Seraphim, the Twin Moons provide their Child with the magical ability and Khajiiti tenacity to unleash powerful displays of magic envied by the greatest sorcerers as he has seemingly endless wells of power. At the same time, he can barely cast a full destruction cloak."

A truly magnificent roleplay build combined with unique, powerful mechanics and equivalent weaknesses. The Mane of Elsweyr utilizes the Concentrated Casting glitch which allows a character to have unlimited magicka whenever casting spells that must be “held down” or concentrated. This however comes at the price of being unable to put any points or other enchantments in magicka meaning that non-concentration spells are very costly.

This is another build with multiple viable playstyles including spellsword, shieldmage, sword and shield, and pure (dual-cast) mage. These playstyles are each incredibly versatile and blend seamlessly creating the ultimate magickal warrior of the moon. A unique skillset including illusion but restricted magicka means that this is one crafty cat. Every spell choice is important and proper strategy is required.

On top of all of this, the Voice of the Mane, a power granted to the Mane of Elsweyr giving him/her 0% shout cooldown. This is a lore-based power adding extra spells and options to the Mane’s toolkit. Plenty of cool abilities and shout combos, 3 satisfying aesthetics, power and restriction, and a wonderful roleplay makes The Mane of Elsweyr a paragon of character build creations—truly a personal favorite of mine.

As always, don’t forget to leave a like and/or comment on the build if you enjoy it.

Next week, it might just be YOUR build that gets featured so keep building friends!


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Welcome everyone to our weekly Character Build Spotlight! Each week we showcase one of the many high quality builds here at the forge.

This week’s showcase is Hircine’s Child byTae-Rai. Hircine’s child is a true hunter; a master of the hunt both in and out of lycan form. Here’s a small extract from Tae-Rai herself:

“Why you came here is unknown but the taste of blood remains on your lips... The need to hunt consumes you, the desire to feel sinew snapping beneath your jaws is becoming impossible to ignore. You are Hircine’s Child and it’s time for you to kill...”

The greatness of this build lies in both it’s simplicity and synergy of both human and lycanthrope forms. Lycanthropy is an extension of human form –they are not separate. Each is a hunter with a desire for blood. In human form, the methods are more shadowy while the werewolf contains the berserker.

Hircine’s Child’s skillset allows for multiple combat styles. Archery and Conjuration allow for the character to hunt from the shadows of the forest, sniping enemies and raising their bodies to do their bidding. In close combat the Child’s ferocity is unleashed in a flurry of dual-wielding attacks. The third part of the trinity is of course the brutish nature of werewolf form allowing you overpower and overwhelm multiple opponents.

Perhaps the most fun part of the build is the Cursed Ring of Hircine. As most of you probably know, this makes werewolf transformations random and also makes it possible for form changes to occur multiple times a day. This makes you truly feel the power as one moment you could be buying ore for smithing before transforming into the beast and being forced to murder the town. A truly exhilarating roleplay experience that will keep you on your toes. This build is certainly worth a look!

As always, make sure you check out the build and leave a like if you enjoyed it. Comments are always appreciated and tune in next week for another great character build!

AND KEEP BUILDING folks! It just might be your build that gets featured next…

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Hello and welcome once again to our weekly Character Build Showcase, where we take a look at some of the high quality builds that you can find within the Skyrim Character Build Group.

This weeks showcase we're presenting the Arcane Architect by DocPGB, arguably one of the most unique mage builds you can find on the Forge. As always to get you interested here is an excerpt written by DocPGB from the built itself:

“Hailing from a small nomadic Redguard tribe, the Warrior-Priests of Ish’ahl were once renowned mercenaries employed against arcane outlaws. They could bend sand to form projections during combat and owed this technique to the enemies of their ancestors, known as Left-Handed Elves. However, like their sibling-tribe the Ash’abah, they were ostracized by Redguard society for their use of Magic, and only employed as a last resort.

What makes the Arcane Architect so unique? The answer to that is a special set of items called 'Do Not Delete' boxes. Theyre a special item players aren't inherently meant to find that when dropped float in space. These act as the magical sand constructs the Arcane Architect is able to to create at will and they come with many uses like creating standing platforms in mid air or obstructing your enemy's path. 

The anime fans here may have picked up that this build is based off of Scar from the Full Metal Alchemist series. It isnt easy translating special powers from non Elder Scrolls sources into Skyrim given the game's limitations.. Despite the challenge Doc has done an excellent job translating and integrating the abilities and backstory of his chosen source material into the game. 

As always check out the build and leave a like and a comment on the build if you enjoyed reading or playing it. Tune in next week for the next character build show case. 

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Hello and welcome once again to our weekly Character Build Showcase, where we take a look at some of the high quality builds that you can find within the Skyrim Character Build Group.

This weeks showcase we're presenting the Morag Tong Assassin by Histcarp, and always to get you interested here is an excerpt written by Histcarp from the built itself:

The Morag Tong Assassin is a versatile and deadly assassin, skilled in multiple forms of combat and elimination. A master of martial prowess, sharpshooting, resourcefulness and arcane skill. Her diverse array of training leaves no obstacle in her way.

No doubt many of you have seen more than your fair share of stealthy Morag Tong builds, but Histcarp's rendition of this ever popular character build theme stands out from the rest. 

The Morag Tong Assassin is capable of far more than just silent kills, boasting a wide array of options for cold calculated elimination. Versatility is the name of the game here, and unlike most assassin builds the Morag Tong Agent is just as capable of fighting her enemies head on as she is at dispatching them silently. 

If you're still not convinced that this is THE assassin build to play then we've got a video by our good friend PCOutcast to give you a taste of what this build is capable of:

As always, go check this build out and check back soon for another Character Build Showcase. Keep on building and it may just be your build we feature next! 

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Hello folks and welcome once again to our weekly Character Build Showcase, where we take a look at some of the high quality builds that you can find within the Skyrim Character Build Group.

For this weeks showcase we've got a lovely, sultry treat for you all by Curse Never Dying and Tae-Rai called the Lusty Argonian Maid. As always, to arouse your interests here's an excerpt from the build itself:

One of the most interesting challenges of bringing what was originally a joke build (because that’s how all the best builds start) to life in Skyrim was deciding what archetype fit the Lusty Argonian Maid best. Sure, there's plenty of suggestive references to spears in the books, but we just couldn't imagine Lifts-Her-Tail swinging around a hefty, blood stained pole-arm and getting up close and personal against Skyrim’s toughest bruisers.

With that being said, our rendition of the Lusty Argonian Maid is a seductive and charming maid by day and daring master thief by night. With nothing but her wits and charm our lusty lizard is constantly a step ahead of both her enemies and admirers. And really, who can honestly bring themselves to fight back against such a beautiful maiden, hmm?

Curse and Tae put together a thoroughly enjoyable thief build, and the best elements of both their works are in this build. The Lusty Argonian Maid is a seductive and charming maid by day and daring master thief by night. With nothing but her wits and charm this lusty lizard is constantly a step ahead of both her enemies and admirers.

Charm is the name of this lizard's game and with that come some unique mechanics that set this thief build apart from all the others. Illusions are used to calm and sooth her marks, allowing Lifts-Her-Tail to walk away with everything of value all the while witnesses to her larceny are left too enthralled to try and stop her. 

Speech is the cornerstone of this build and it proves itself to be far valuable than just a means of sweet talking the guards. Perhaps Speech's greatest strength is eliminating the need for crafting. Stores sell powerful items you'd normally need to heavily invest in crafting to compete with, or a metric ton of cash. But with speech Lifts-Her-Tail need only sweet talk the shop keepers into practically giving them to her for free. 

As always, go check this build out and check back soon for another Character Build Showcase. Keep on building and it may just be your build we feature next! 



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Character Build Showcase - The Nightguard By Ponty

Welcome to this week's Character Build Showcase, where we take a look at some of the high quality builds that you can find within the Character Build Group.

For this weeks showcase we've chosen an awesome classic by Ponty entitled the The Nightguard. As always, to pique your interests here's an excerpt from the build itself:

The Nightguard is a powerful ancient vampire who has overcome his bloodthirst and instead uses his powers to protect the people of Tamriel. He is skilled in the use of arms, armor, and shields, as well as the art of stealth. He is also able to heal himself, in addition to creating, upgrading and enchanting high quality arms and armor.

In this humanoid form, he's a skilled assassin and warrior, and can transform into a Vampire Lord to gain access to powerful magic powers, including life drain, telekinesis, necromancy, and summoning. With the powers of both his humanoid and Vampire Lord form combined, he's able to achieve almost any objective with ease.

Ponty's Nightguard sets itself apart from other vampire builds in so many ways. Where as just about every vampire build you see falls under one evil alignment or another, the Nightguard is a good guy with a bit of a dark side. 

The Nightguard is a well rounded build that utlizes two forms which compliment one another quite nicely. In humanoid form the Nightguard is a stealthy heavy armored fighter capable of quickly closing in on his enemies to deliver heavy damage. In his vampire lord form the Nightguard possesses an arsenal of dark magicks which allow him to obliterate his enemies from afar. 

So go check this build out and check back soon for another Character Build Showcase. Keep on building and it may just be your build we feature next!

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Character Build Showcase - The Ceya-Tar by Henson

Welcome to this week's Character Build Showcase, where we take a look at some of the high quality builds that you can find within the Character Build Group.

For this weeks showcase we've chosen an amazing build by Henson entitled the The Ceya-Tar, and as always, to pique your interests here's an excerpt from the build itself:

The Ceya-Tar is not the character's name, but a myth. In taking this name, my character's journey brings him into the depths of darkness only to realize there is light in the darkest corners of the world capable of destroying with great power but also saving the ones that he holds dear. A Bosmer from Valenwood, this Ceya-Tar travels through harsh deserts and treacherous terrain to come to a location that was once witness to one of the most powerful mages that ever lived: Azra Nightwielder.

Azra Nightwielder realized that in shadows lied the possibility of infinite worlds spanning across infinite dimensions and planes of existence. In reading this, I wanted to create a character that had no infinite power of super-crafted gear. I wanted to create a representation of this magic using a simple mage that has the ability of control.

Deep exploration into Elder Scrolls lore is a staple of many of Henson's builds, and the Ceya-Tar is no different. The Ceya-Tar explores the concept of shadow magic, a strange power famously wielded by the mage Azra Nightwielder. Following in Nightwielder's footsteps, the Ceya-Tar embarks on a long quest to master shadow magic and use its vast power for good. 

Shadow magic is arguably among the most fascinating elements of Elder Scrolls lore. Little is known of it, but its power is said to rival that of the Elder Scrolls themselves, and that's no overstatement. Controlling minds, altering reality, and even merging with oneself across infinite timelines are all aspects of shadow magic explored in this build. If you're a lore enthusiast particularly interested in the more esoteric aspects of Elder Scrolls lore, stop what you're doing and check this build out!

Give this build a look and check back soon for another Character Build Showcase. Keep on building and it may just be your build we feature next!


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Welcome to this week's Character Build Showcase, where we take a look at some of the high quality builds that you can find within the Character Build Group.

For this weeks showcase we've chosen an absolutely brilliant modded build by Elysium entitled the Bouyant Armiger, and to pique your interests here's an excerpt from the build itself:

Much like my Hand of Almalexia build, this is another ancient Dunmer knightly order, but instead of devoted to the Tribunal Goddess of Mercy, they are instead devoted to everyone's favourite self-quoting Warrior-Poet, Vivec. With the usual heavy helping of lore my builds contain comes some stand-your-ground archery combat, with some snappy roguish stealth moves, all bound together with crusader-y magic.

A common feature of all of Elysium’s builds is her thoughtful use of TES lore to breathe life into the builds she creates, and nowhere is this more true than with her latest creation the Bouyant Armiger. Despite the fall of thier beloved god the Bouyant Armigers continue to live by Vivec's teachings and uphold many of their old traditions. The most somber of their traditions is the forging and enchanting of the traditional glass armor by the newest recruits to the order, for without the presence of their god they have no way of knowing if these recruits are truly ready to follow the ways of Vivec. The enchantment mod Summermyst is an integral piece of the build, adding many unique enchantments whose effects embody a recruit’s favoured teachings from Vivec’s own Lessons.

Intricately connected lore and roleplay are a staple of Elysium's builds and her works are perfectly tailored for roleplay enthusiasts who want to feel like they are truly a part of the Elder Scrolls universe. The Bouyant Armiger completely immerses you in the role of one of Vivec's sworn knights, and the build does so without holding your hand and dictating every minute aspect of your character's day. You simply feel like you are the character the lore has already established. 

So check out the Bouyant Armiger and check back soon for another Character Build Showcase. Keep on building and it may just be your build we feature next!


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Welcome back to The Sky Forge's Character Build Showcase, where we take a look at some of the awesome and unique builds you can find within the Skyrim Character Building Group.

This week we've chosen a Vigilants of Stendarr build by Joe entitled The Keeper of the Vigil. You've likely read more than a few Vigilant of Stendarr builds, but this build stands out from the rest with a very unique and interesting take on the ever popular daedra hunting faction.

The Keeper of the Vigil was at one point in time leader of the Vigilants of Stendarr, but a chance encounter with the Daedric Prince Meridia changed everything. The Keeper swears to serve Meridia and aid the prince in eradicating the undead, but while few would consider Meridia to be evil, a daedra is still a daedra, and the Vigilants code leaves little room for negotiation. 

Its always refreshing to see a build that takes a tried and true theme like the Vigilants and flip it on its head. The Keeper of the Vigil presents you with two separate and opposing entities who share very similar goals. If you are looking for a fresh and interesting roleplay experience we highly recommend this build. 

So check out the Keeper of the Vigil and check back soon for another Character Build Showcase. As always keep on building and it may just be your build we feature next!

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Welcome to The Sky Forge's first ever Character Build Showcase, where we take a look at some of the high quality builds that you can find within the Character Build Group.

For our first showcase we've chosen a rather popular build with some pretty unique mechanics at work, and its the Crystallurgist by John a.k.a.  Teccam. And to pique your interests here's an excerpt from the build itself. 

Crystallurgists are mysterious artificers who seek to gain an understanding of the relationship between souls, gems, and magical energy. Ancient techniques passed down through the reclusive guild grant Crystallurgists the unique ability to harness latent energy from souls and spells. This energy can be converted into pure Magicka, or stored in focused crystals for later use.

Very few political and social circles in Tamriel understand the subtle nature of soul artifice. Most would view it as an offshoot of Necromancy -- and in some ways, perhaps it is. To protect themselves from persecution, Crystallurgists must obtain proficiency with all of the tools at their disposal, gaining not only a theoretical aptitude but a practical one as well. 

A master Crystallurgist is capable of using soul energy to incinerate her foes, bolster her own defenses, restore her own magical energy, call forth warriors of spiritual energy, and control entire armies. Furthermore, she can create truly godlike weapons through secret arcane techniques. In short, the Crystallurgist is a force capable of dismantling an entire kingdom single-handedly.

Builds that seek to incorporate unique styles of magick not present in the game are always among the most creative, and the Crystallurgist is arguably the most creative of them all. If you've been looking for an excuse to try out an altmer spell sword then do yourself a favor and give this build a look.. Through clever use of alchemy John has created a uniquely capable spellsword able to take enchantment and destruction damage to unfathomable heights. 

So check out the Crystallurgist and check back soon for another Character Build Showcase. Keep on building and it may just be your build we feature next!

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