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With the increasing number of stories added to the site, it can be hard to keep track of them all! With page after page of heartfully crafted content, it’s hard to know where to begin. That’s why we’ve built our Library of Contents! Here, we Curators will strive to record every tale we come across to make sure you don’t miss a single one! You may check out as many tales and legends as you wish, just return them in the condition you found them in, yes?

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The Elder Scrolls

Tales gathered from the lands of Tamriel...

Short Story/One-Shot Collection:

To You, Dad -By Ben W, Completed.

Way of the Samurai -By Necro-Blackblood, Completed.

Hircine’s Child- Brotherhood -By Necro-Blackblood, Completed.

Prelude of the Dark Kingdom -By Necro-Blackblood, Completed.

One-Shot: Ritual -By Tae-Rai, Completed.

Consort to Princes -By Laconic Lasermancer, Completed.

Advent of the Necrolord -By Necro-Blackblood, Completed.

The Scar Knight -By Necro-Blackblood, Completed.

The Grandmaster’s Past -By Necro-Blackblood, Completed.

Kabelle and Balder -By KendrixTrixie, Completed.

A Breath to Savour -By ChalixaindratMinyasu, Completed.

The Shadow of Dawn -By Furrion17, Completed.

The Ghost of the New Life Festival -By Pixel, Completed.

A Hero’s Prologue: Fall Before the Rise -By Necro-Blackblood, Completed.

The Bull and The Eagle - The Duel of Gailon and Morihaus -By Chris Diokno, Completed.

Prophecy of Torynn the Grim -By Ramses, Completed.

Ivriel - The Witch Arrow -By Furrion17, Completed.

Blood and Moonlight -By KendrixTrixie, Completed.

Daughter of Dominion: Zenoya's Story -By KendrixTrixie, Completed.

The Dragons of Old -By Madman Glarthir, Completed.

I Forsake Thee -By KendrixTrixie, Completed.

Caldwin Cove (Teaser) -By Mellow Ben, Completed.

Sah Vs Sah's -By Sah, Completed.

Rihad's Necromancer -By KendrixTrixie, Completed.

The Arrow of Talos -By secondhandgamer, Completed.

Rise of the Cursebearer -By Johnnyawe14, Completed.

In A New Light: A Dark Vigilant Story -By Johnnyawe14, Completed.

Teldryn Tuesday Serial -By ImogenCrusader, Completed.

All Quiet On the Imperial Waterfront - By The Sunflower Manual, Completed

Multiple Chapter Collection:

The Bounty Chronicles -By Ben W, 25 Chapters, Incomplete.

Hunter’s Rain -By Tae-Rai, 2 Chapters, Incomplete.

In Love and War -By KendrixTrixie, 20 Chapters, Completed.

Nocturnals’ Child -By John-Paul, 1 Part, Incomplete.

North Hammer, South Dagger -By TheLordAndMaster, 1 Part, Incomplete.

The Divine Chalice War - By Chris Diokno, 4 Chapters, Incomplete.

Housecarl -By Pixel, 6 Chapters, Incomplete.

A Tale of the North -By Fimvul,the Psijic Loremaster, 4 Chapters, Incomplete.

Jeanna’s Journey -By TorynCross, 3 Parts, Incomplete.

The Strange Hand of Fate -By highelfsupremerace, 1 Chapter, Incomplete.

The Shinigami -By Elomar, 8 Acts, Incomplete.

Tale of a Swordsman: A Teldryn Sero Story -By TheThirdCrusader, 3 Chapters, Incomplete.

Shades of Oblivion -By Lee Fiskilis Carpenter, 2 Chapters, Incomplete.

On the Rise -By Kyojiro Kagenuma, 4 Chapters, Incomplete.

Story of the Rider-By Furrion 17, 2 Parts, Incomplete.

The Vigilants of Mara -By KendrixTrixie, 1 Part, Incomplete.

The Necromancer Cycle -By Powersocke Prime, 15 Parts, Incomplete.

Tales of Darkness -By Powersocke Prime, 9 Parts, Incomplete.

Blessings of the Madgod -By Toasty, 4 Chapters, Incomplete.

Tears of the Nightingales -By KendrixTrixie, 1 Chapter, Incomplete.

The Chronicles of Caliban -By Praxedes, 1 Part, Incomplete.

The Prime Bestiary -By Powersocke Prime, 11 Parts, Incomplete.

Of Magecraft and Spidersilk -By Chris Diokno, 2 Parts, Incomplete. 

Lost Heroes of Nirn -By Powersocke Prime, 3 Parts, Incomplete.

The Book of Languages -By Powersock Prime, 6 Parts, Incomplete.

Outlanders -By WellTemperedClavier, 1 Part, Complete.

Bound in Blood -By DeltaFox, 3 Parts, Incomplete.

Lamp Descendant -By Ponty, 7 Parts, Complete.

The Elder Scrolls Chronicles: A Short Tale Collection - By Pixel, 2 Parts, Incomplete



Legends of Commonwealth and beyond...

Short Story/One-Shot Collection:


Multiple Chapter Collection:

Fallout: Pathfinder -By DeltaFox, 2 Parts, Incomplete.

The Last Roman - By DeltaFox, 1 Part, Incomplete.


Miscellaneous Stories

Stories from uncharted lands...

Short Story/One-Shot Collection:

The Angel and the Devil -By Ben W, Completed.

Evervale -By KendrixTrixie, Completed.

This is Goodbye -By Ben W, Completed.

Shatter -By Ben W, Completed.

The Descent -By Furrion 17, Completed.

Autumn's End -By Furrion 17, Completed.

The Flame of Time -By Furrion 17, Completed.

Shades: A Short Story -By KendrixTrixie, Completed.

Solace -By Furrion 17, Completed.

The Queen -By KendrixTrixie, Completed.

The Hour of the Wolf -By Furrion 17, Completed.

Truth-By Furrion 17, Completed.

Downfall - By Furrion17, Completed.

Multiple Chapter Collection:

Multiple Chapter Collection:

The Necromancer -By Blacklight, 3 Parts, Incomplete.

An Age of Ruin -By Pixel, 1 Part, Incomplete.

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